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LG Introduces the First Real Streaming Multimedia Cloud for All Three Screens

Saturday, June 9, 2012

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Unique Cloud Service Offers Content Consumption and Seamless Connectivity via TVs, Mobile Devices and PCs

Karachi, June 06, 2012 LG Electronics (LG) announced the beta opening of LG Cloud service recently with the aim of providing seamless connectivity and streaming access to all digital content across various electronic devices. Although cloud is today’s hottest IT buzzwords, LG Cloud is the first that allows users to manage and consume all types of content on “three screens” which includes Android smartphones, PCs and smart TVs (including but not limited to CINEMA 3D models) without a separate set-top box.

To use the service, users need to download the LG Cloud app from Google Play or LG SmartWorld app store from their Android smartphones, LG SmartWorld store from their LG Smart TVs or the LG Cloud website (www.lgecloud.com) from their PCs or laptops. LG’s Cloud service automatically synchronizes smartphone content with the cloud server and the user’s PC and TV. Photos and videos taken with the smartphone can be viewed and streamed to the PC or TV almost instantaneously. Videos edited on a PC can be uploaded to LG Cloud for viewing seconds later on a smartphone. Unlike other cloud services, there’s very little waiting or lag time since the content is streamed to the TV, PC or smartphone, not downloaded first.

The difference is in LG’s Real-time Streaming Transcoding technology. The conversion happens on the server in realtime, not on the device. There is no need to worry about installing codecs or converters, everything happens seamlessly and in the background with no involvement from the user. No other cloud service can make this same claim.

The service also works perfectly with 3D content. Vacation videos taken with an LG 3D smartphone can be uploaded via 3G or Wi-Fi to the LG Cloud service. Back home in the comforts of the living room, the family can watch the vacation footage as it streams from LG Cloud to their LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV in superb three dimensions.

To better develop cloud services that prioritize convergence, LG created a new division called Smart Business Center to focus specifically on content and services. Havis Kwon, President and CEO of LG’s Home Entertainment Company, is also responsible for the new Smart Business Center.

“Most companies today only see the cloud as a storage device or in the case of YouTube or Flickr, only for one type of content,” said LG’s Mr. Kwon. “LG makes the devices that millions of people watch content on so we can set a new yardstick for ease of use by setting up our own cloud service. Tomorrow’s consumers don’t want to go to one cloud for music, another cloud for video, another location for photos and yet another cloud for their office files. In the end, our solution is about making life more convenient.”

LG Cloud will be offered as both a free and paid service. Free storage space and pricing will differ market to market and will be announced separately as the service becomes available in that country.

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LG Makes Dynamic Viewing Experience Mainstream with New IPS Monitors

Friday, June 8, 2012

IPS4 Monitor Delivers Stunning Picture Quality, Lifelike Color Expression, Original Color Consistency, Enhanced Viewing Comfort

Karachi June 11, 2012: LG Electronics (LG) recently announced the availability of a new line of monitors, the IPS4 series. These monitors feature In-Plane Switching (IPS) rather than conventional Twisted Nematic (TN) panels, allowing for superb color reproduction, exceptional picture quality and unmatched color shift-free wide viewing.

Thanks to an impressively wide viewing-angle (178 degrees), the new IPS monitors enable viewers to enjoy superb picture quality without any color shift whether sitting, standing or lying down. Smooth Color Change also eliminates blur generated from rapid motion in action scenes, sports or video games so that viewers feel less eye fatigue even during longer viewing sessions. When all of these technologies are combined, the result is a richer, more comfortable viewing experience.

By boosting color consistency and minimizing color changes, the IPS4 series is able to reproduce original colors, virtually eliminating the gap between what is shot and what is shown. As such, the IPS4 monitors are ideal for anyone engaged in photography or video editing.

“Despite strong sales and dominating the professional market, IPS monitors were less popular with the majority of consumers due to the cost of high-quality IPS panels,” said J.J. Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of IT Business Unit of LG Home Entertainment Company. “With the launch of the affordable IPS4 series, LG is taking a huge step in making IPS monitors ubiquitous in every room.”

A number of easy-to-use functions add to the appeal of the IPS4 series. For instance, the Dual Smart Solution feature uses a simple one-click set-up to run dual monitors, and even creates a dual taskbar and auto-optimized dual web split screen. The Dual Screen feature optimizes the window size to automatically divide the screen to view multiple web pages, making it easier than ever before to multitask online.

Efficiency has also been improved. The monitors are equipped with a cable management design that does away with the messy snarl of wires. The IPS4 series is much more energy-efficient compared to conventional LED monitors without sacrificing picture quality.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Sprite Cricket Next (SCN) 2012, the one of its kind sporting event to foster the talent of Pakistani youth, goes bigger and better than ever before in a unique face-off between JOSH and HOSH, the two key elements of‘Gulli’ cricket. The most‘Josheela’ bowler in cricketing history, ‘Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar, will face one of the most ‘Hoshyaar’ wicket keepers of all time, Moin Khan, in a competition that will quench the thirst of street cricket lovers as the two cricketing giants battle for supremacy in a war between JOSH and HOSH.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Rizwan U. Khan, Coca-Cola Pakistan’s General Manager shared, “Our intent here today is to make a positive difference to cricket in Pakistan by taking a fresh, dynamic and sustainable approach to the sport by promoting and encouraging Pakistan’s potentially undiscovered cricketing heroes.

This time around, Sprite is taking the game to its origin, on the streets, where ‘Josheela’and ‘Hoshyaar’ players will compete to win a spot in either the JOSH or HOSH squad. The competition itself has many facets to it and will engage audiences on all levels, through SMS, social media, SCN’s interactive website and street presence. The entire activity will span over 6 months and will cover around 700 streets in 7 major cities across the country.

Being a brand that has always promoted being true to one’s inner self, Sprite chose Shoaib Akhtar to lead the JOSH squad since he personifies the attribute, while his counter-part Moin Khan will lead the HOSH squad.

Speaking on the occasion, Shoaib Akhtar shared, “I believe that the cricket played in the streets is the real face of Josheela cricket – you need instinct, you need to think quickly, you need heart and you need speed to succeed in this arena. What the Brand (Sprite) has done is create a phenomenon for cricket lovers. The Campaign had my support from the beginning because I believe very strongly that ‘Josheela’ cricketers need to come out and become part of a country-wide cricket scene.

Moin Khan, while sharing his views on the campaign stated, “Sprite has created a platform for cricket lovers all around Pakistan and while there is plenty of passion in our players, especially the youth, they need to have a ‘Hoshyaar’ mentality to truly succeed. I am here to ensure that our youth has that winning mentality.

Street cricketers who miss out the chance of directly participating in the campaign could still be a part of it by capturing and uploading their street cricketing moments of JOSH and HOSH via the interactive website. The Campaign kicked off on the ground starting in Lahore on June 19, 2012.

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