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Monday, December 1, 2014

LG Electronics puts its people and society first while developing the latest technologies for consumers around the world

Karachi, December 01, 2014 ― In today’s age of growing transparency between companies and their consumers, small businesses have capitalized on their ability to disclose information regarding all aspects of their company practice, including how they engage with their community. For larger corporations es-pecially those with a global presence, the transparency can be harder to achieve. The business practices decided upon at the head of the company have to be communicated through to the rest of the offices with the on-the ground employees trusted to carry out a company’s core ethics and practices. That’s why LG Electronics spends time and money investing in their work force and communities in the UAE around the world, ensuring that their people have a quality of life that’s in line with LG and its business practices, working to develop people, communities and products that consumers have come to know and love.

While LG has been known for its ground breaking technology advancements, the company is also recog-nized for its efforts on the ground, using their technology to make communities better. Internationally, LG has helped a vast array of countries areas including locally here in the UAE. As part of their UAE community programs they worked with the “Educate a Child, Build the Nation” initiative. The project, run by Information City across the UAE under the chairmanship of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum gives children in the UAE an opportunity to take a fully-fledged computer course to expand their knowledge and help them keep up-to-date on the latest technology around the world. LG then provided each successful participant of the course with a new LG laptop.

Speaking of LG’s role to focus on its people and its community in the UAE, Mr. D. Y. Kim President of LG Electronics, Gulf FZE said, “It was a great pleasure to give back to a community that has given so much to us as a company. We continue to be inspired by the UAE and want to continue to aid in its development by helping to educate and shape the future generations.

“Along with our umbrella campaign of ‘Life’s Good with LG’, we have community initiatives around the world that help give LG staff and their communities a better life,” added Mr. D. Y Kim.

International projects that LG has worked on include Germany’s set up shop which was put together to help flood victims, donating 1,400 units of electric products and operating a mobile laundry service for those affected. The AE business sector of LG was successful in helping LG’s African community by provid-ing Mosquito Away Air Conditioners in Nigeria. Supporting Nigeria’s fight against malaria, LG Electronics designed an air conditioner to specifically help keep homes cool and rid the area of misquotes. They also donated malaria medicine and mosquito nets to provide further protection against mosquitoes.

LG Electronics places the same amount of emphasis on the environment, that is does its people. The company pledged to continue developing environmentally friendly products in its key business sectors, saving electricity and money for consumers. The company itself is also committed to becoming a sustain-able enterprise, cutting emissions from the use of their products by 38 million tons in 2013.

Throughout the years LG has continued to be recognized for its leadership in manufacturing and promot-ing efficiency by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), winning the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year-Sustained Excellence Award earlier in the year, the highest distinction bestowed upon ENERGY STAR partners.

LG Electronics can proudly state that their company is truly leading the way in sustainable innovation for their employees and the environment.

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LG Introduces Company’s First Mobile Application Processor

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

LG’s Octa-Core NUCLUN Processor delivers LTE-A Cat.6 support and enhanced capabilities optimized for high-end smartphones

Karachi, December 03, 2014 — LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its first mobile application processor (AP) featur-ing eight-core architecture and LTE-A Cat.6 network capability for high performance and low energy consumption. The new AP, named NUCLUN, will make its debut this week in the “G3 Screen”, a smartphone developed specifically for the Korean market.


NUCLUN (pronounced NOO-klun) was designed using ARM® big.LITTLE™ technology for efficient multi-tasking capabilities. The AP employs four 1.5GHz cores (ARM Cortex-A15) for high performance and four 1.2GHz cores (ARM Cortex-A7) for less intensive processing. The number of performing cores can be adjusted based on the requirements of the task for maximum processing power or maximum energy savings. NUCLUN is designed to support the next generation of 4G networks, LTE-A Cat.6, for maximum download speeds of up to 225Mbps while retaining backward compatibility with current LTE networks.

“NUCLUN opens up a new chapter in LG’s history of innovation in the mobile industry,” said Dr. Jong-seok Park, president and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “With this in-house solution, we will be able to achieve better vertical integration and further diversity our product strategy against stronger com-petition. NUCLUN will give us greater flexibility in our mobile strategy going forward.”

As LG’s first smartphone equipped with NUCLUN, the G3 Screen inherits the design language, camera and UX features of the popular LG G3. The G3 Screen boasts an expansive, 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display and high fidelity 1W speaker for the ultimate smartphone experience. As the largest smartphone designed for LTE-A Cat.6 net-works, the G3 Screen will deliver download speeds three times faster than regular 4G LTE networks for a truly smooth and satisfying multimedia experience.

Key Specifications:

  • Chipset: NUCLUN Octa-Core  (1.5GHz Quad-Core  + 1.2GHz Quad-Core)
  • Display: 5.9-inch Full HD IPS
  • Memory: 32GB  eMMC  / 2GB RAM / MicroSD slot
  • Camera: Rear 13MP OIS+ / Front 2.1MP
  • Battery:  3,000mAh
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Size: 157.8 x 81.8 x 9.5mm
  • Weight: 182g
  • Network: LTE-A Cat.6
  • Colors: Black / White

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Equipped with Inverter Direct Drive technology, LG delivers the most durable, long-lasting, stylish and quiet commercial washers in the market

Karachi / Qatar, December 08, 2014 – LG Electronics (LG) enters a new chapter in commercial laundry sys-tems by rolling out its newest offerings in commercial washing machines in Qatar. Chosen as the first coun-try in the region to implement the new range of machines, Qatari businesses are excited to embrace LG’s new commercial washing machine which is equipped with the renowned Inverter Direct Drive System providing the most reliable, efficient, intelligent and stylish new offerings in total laundry solutions to com-mercial customers across the region.

Enhanced efficiency

In alignment with Qatar’s commitment to reduce energy consumption, the increased efficiency capabilities of LG’s new commercial laundry offerings is a result of its Inverter Control and Direct Drive System working together seamlessly to use less energy and water, without compromising superior washing performance.

The first of its energy saving features that will help Qatari businesses run more effectively is the Inverter Control System which generates fewer speed fluctuations by using only the necessary amount of electricity throughout a washing cycle. This is achieved whist the washers Direct Drive System delivers power directly to the tub from the motor, minimizing energy loss, whilst its super-fast spin speed of 1,000 ~ 1,200 RPM reduces any remaining moisture (after washing) resulting in decreased drying time.

Additional efficiently-base functions include (amongst many others) an embossed inner drum which in-creases drum to fabric contact creating not only a better washing action, but added removal of dirt and stains too. The atomizing nozzle in the washing machine reduces the need for cleaning the washer and the amount of excess soap residue by spaying fresh water onto the clothes and the door, helping the machine to quickly fill and soak the clothes, whilst cleaning the door with every spay.

Stylishly intelligent

LG’s new commercial laundry offerings captivate with their modern and streamlined design, enhancing the look of any laundry space. Its stylish chrome, easy-viewing tempered glass door leaves the washer looking like new for longer and is less susceptible to breakage or scratching. Operator handling is easy and conven-ient thanks to its intuitive programming controls allowing individuals to choose from a variety of functions and programs (such as price or cycle time) ensuring that all washing requirements are met.

Businesses can tailor the machines to their needs with LG’s elegant space usage design and the flexible front design of the new washing machines. These customizable designs also include instillation flexibility in terms of washer and dryer combinations while its AdaptAble™ Controls allow for top or bottom positioning.

Optimal reliability

LG’s new washers also provide the highest level of reliability as a result of its enhanced Direct Drive systems, designed for business managers who require a powerful and durable washing machine that lasts.

By eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors, LG’s Direct Drive system increases the motor’s stability and lessens vibrations, thanks to its triple damping system. Three dampers absorb vi-brations and provide a comfortable washing environment allowing for greater durability which in turn translates to lower maintenance costs for business managers.

Other notable features include (amongst others) its NeverRust™ stainless steel drum that helps prevent clothes from staining during the wash cycle unlike normal painted drums, where the paint tends to chip af-ter extended use. Its front access panel is constructed of strong coated steel – not plastic, to enhance relia-bility and provide an important security barrier for the coin box and vault as well as the machine control assembly. Lastly, its remarkable top-mounted dispenser also means no messy hands or fretting about deter-gent spillage over the machine.

“When designing the new line up of LG’s commercial washing machines including the Giant-C, LG kept busi-nesses in mind first,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President LG Electronics, Gulf FZE. “We worked tirelessly to make sure the devices were customizable to meet individual company needs and provide a superior washing ex-perience to all. Every aspect of the these machines are designed to deliver that experience – providing business with the best in washing abilities with the design that is stylish and easy to use. We have no doubt that these machines will be a huge success in Qatar and the Middle East.”

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Enjoy Free Wi-Fi in the sky on Emirates A380s

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Karachi / DUBAI, December 13, 2014 – Over 200,000 passengers have used Emirates’ free onboard Wi-Fi since October this year, taking advantage of the airline’s service to connect with family, friends or colleagues when they fly.

On most Emirates A380s passengers can access 10MBs of free data, enough to send emails, blog, tweet, post on Facebook, or browse the Internet.

Emirates currently offers Wi-Fi connectivity on 86 aircraft – on board all of its 56 Airbus A380s, as well as on 30 of its Boeing 777s. A comprehensive retrofit programme is also underway to install Wi-Fi capability across the rest of its fleet. On 51 of Emirates’ A380s, the first 10MB of data is free, and a token $1 charge is levied for the next 500MB. On all other aircraft, getting online costs US$1 due to the current hardware and software installed.

Until 01 January 2015, proceeds from these connection charges will be donated to the Emirates Airline Foundation to help improve quality of life for disadvantaged children around the world.

“Emirates sees inflight Wi-Fi as an essential value-add service that should be freely available for our customers to connect with friends, family and business. At the moment, software and technical limitations mean that on some of our aircraft we still have to levy a token charge for Wi-Fi. We are working hard to overcome this but until then, it is only $1 to get online. We’ve been providing free Wi-Fi and $1 Wi-Fi on the fleet since early October and up to 35% of passengers are using the service, especially on long flights,” said Patrick Brannelly, Emirates’ VP for Corporate Communications – Product, Publishing, Digital and Events.

“Most of our flights are long-haul international routes, and we know that many of our customers want to stay in touch when they travel. That is why Emirates has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our inflight connectivity systems. We especially see a spike in mobile and Wi-Fi usage during major festive seasons, and we believe that our customers will welcome the fact that if they have to pay a $1 connection fee, proceeds will go towards supporting a good cause. We expect to collect and donate about US$40,000 to the Emirates Airline Foundation, but that amount could increase if more users log-on to Wi-Fi between now and the new year,” added Brannelly.

Since Emirates introduced onboard Wi-Fi three years ago, more than 600,000 passengers have connected to the service, and usage is rising in tandem with the growing penetration of mobile devices and changing lifestyles.

The industry leader in onboard connectivity, Emirates was the first airline to install in-seat telephones and onboard faxes back in 1995. Today, customers onboard Emirates can connect to Wi-Fi, send emails and text messages via their personal ice entertainment system screens, as well as use their personal mobile devices to make calls and send messages

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