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Coca-Cola grants Rs. 19 million to Indus Earth Trust for Water for Women Project

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Karachi, May 03, 2017: Coca-Cola Pakistan is providing a grant of Rs. 19 million to the Indus Earth Trust for a project entitled Water for Women, focusing on water replenishment access and conservation and replenishment of ground water and rainwater, in Kohistan Union Council area of District Thatta. The project will especially focus on the local women, who presently are tasked with the duty of fetching water, walking several kilometers to perform this arduous task, even in the hot summer months.

Catalysing IWRM (Integrated Water Resource Management) through a combination of indigenous knowledge and modern interventions of communication tools, the project will cover about 600 households in some 40 villages. Water harvesting will be done through 10 lined water reservoirs with a combined capacity of approximately 100,000 gallons. Some existing reservoirs will be restored as they have collapsed and new ones will be located in line with rain water run off channels. Rehabilitation of 20 dug wells will be done through brick-lining, capping and installation of hand-pumps. The water extracted will be collected in covered tanks and then and distributed through channels for household use, kitchen gardening, and for troughs for the livestock.

Other key components of the project include construction of check dams to capture water from hill streams, to irrigate over 1000 acres, setting up of Community Based Organizations (CBOs), trainings to build the capacity of women local leaders, awareness generation of awareness of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), etc. The project implementation period will be one year.

“Water replenishment remains a priority goal of Coca-Cola’s CSR strategy throughout the world, and our focus is especially on marginalized communities,” stated Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan. ”This is a part of the pledge which The Coca-Cola Company made in 2007, to give back to the environment all the water that we use for our business, by year 2020. This target was actually already met by 2015, but we are continuing with doing more to replenish water in our markets.”

The project implementing partner, Indus Earth Trust is an experienced not-for-profit organization established in 2000, and working in the area of sustainable development to aid neglected coastal communities in Pakistan. Speaking about the partnership with Coca-Cola, IET’s CEO, Shahid Khan stated that the project will lead to meeting SDG 3 and SDG 6, and encourage reverse migration, as rural people will tend to return to their home villages from trying to find livelihood in cities, if their own areas are provided at least with water for their traditional occupation of agriculture and livestock keeping.

IET has previously partnered with Coca-Cola and UNDP in providing potable water to 30 villages in interior Sindh. This project provided water on tap for the very first time to the beneficiaries, using solar pumps to extract the water and pump it to an overhead tank, for distribution as close to households as the communities require.

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Emirates returns with signature Iftar service for Ramadan

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Karachi/ Dubai, May 22, 2017 — DUBAI, UAE, 17 May 2017 – Emirates’ signature Iftar service for customers during Ramadan is expected to commence on May 27 to coincide with the start of the holy month. These special meals will be available to passengers across all cabin classes on select Emirates flights, including flights to and from the Gulf region as well as on flights catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Medina during the month of Ramadan.


The Emirates Iftar service has been a mainstay for over 20 years and illustrates the airline’s commitment to putting customer comfort and convenience at the heart of its service offering.

Emirates’ attractive Iftar boxes feature an Arabesque design inspired by the region, and will provide those observing Ramadan a convenient way to break their fast with a nutritious and balanced meal. While catering to a global palate, the thoughtfully designed Iftar menus will also feature a Middle Eastern flavour. The Iftar box includes options such as za’atar chicken with hummus, spinach fatayer, halloumi cheese and cucumber sandwiches, and traditional sweets such as maamoul and dates, as well as yoghurt. Menus will be refreshed mid-Ramadan.

Emirates utilises a unique tool to calculate the correct timings for Imsak (the time to commence fasting) and Iftar while in-flight. It calculates the exact Ramadan timings using the aircraft’s longitude, latitude and altitude; ensuring the greatest level of accuracy possible while on board. When the sun sets, passengers will be informed of the Iftar time by the captain. This tool was developed to supplement Emirates’ annually produced booklet on the timings for Ramadan, available on every flight.

Trays of dates, symbolic of Ramadan, and water will also be provided at boarding gates allowing customers to break their fast prior to boarding, or while boarding at Emirates’ hub in Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 and other Emirates destinations. During the holy month, cold meals will be served in lieu of a hot one on all flights to Jeddah and Medina, including Umrah day flights.

Emirates’ award-winning ice system features special religious programming including Men Raheeq Al Iman, Men wahe Al Bayan and Tafseer Al Quraan, as well as English documentaries on Mecca entitled ‘And Sanctify My House’ and ‘Mecca Clock Tower’.

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Chaman, Khuzdar to lock horns in Ufone Football Championship final

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Quetta, May 03, 2017: After two fiercely contested semi-finals, Muslim Chaman Football Club and Baba-e-Balochistan Mir Ghous Buksh Football Club Khuzdar progressed to the final of the Ufone Football Championship as the showdown event in Balochistan reaches its pinnacle.

E. Ufone semi-finals

The first semi-final was played between Buitems University Quetta and Muslim Chaman Football Club and the team from Chaman triumphed by 2-1. Muslim Club got off to a flying start with two goals within the first 20 minutes of the game, courtesy Muhammad Tahir and Saeed Ahmad. They maintained their stronghold throughout the 90 minutes before Buitems University’s Zohaib Zahid scored a penalty late in the game. The goal proved to be only a consolation for the team from Quetta as they crashed out of the tournament.

The second semi-final also proved to be a one-sided affair as Baba-e-Balochistan Mir Ghous Buksh Football Club Khuzdar stormed past Youth Afghan Football Club Pishin with a comprehensive 3-1 victory to register their place in the final against Muslim Club. The team from Khuzdar dominated possession from the start and it soon reaped rewards as Shoaib Ahmed bagged a brace in quick succession. Youth Afghan Club pulled a goal back through Naseem-ur-Rehman to make things interesting at halftime with the score locked at 2-1. However any hopes of a comeback were dashed as Muhammad Fazal scored Khuzdar’s third goal to seal their progress to the final with a 3-1 win.

The final will be played today at Ayub Stadium, Quetta. The tournament has been a resounding success as football teams from schools, colleges, universities and clubs enthusiastically participated and showcased their football talent.

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Muslim Chaman clinch Ufone Football Championship title

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Quetta, May 04, 2017: The final match of the Ufone Football Championship in Balochistan lived up to its expectation as Muslim Football Club Chaman emerged as worthy winners after beating Baba-e-Balochistan Mir Ghous Buksh Football Club Khuzdar 3-0. In a tournament that saw several schools, colleges, universities and clubs participate, the finalists gave a true account of the overall high standard of football demonstrated throughout the event.

English Caption

After fairly comfortable wins in their respective semi-finals, both Muslim Football Club Chaman and Baba-e-Balochistan Mir Ghous Buksh Football Club Khuzdar knew the final would be a different ball game altogether and that was evident right from moment the referee’s whistle went off. It was a cagy start to the game as both side opted to secure defences first and looked to hit each other on the counter. However, the game picked up when Jameel Ahmed of Muslim Chaman scored first goal with a sublime finish.

After the first goal Muslim Chaman continued their charged for a second goal but Mir Ghous Buksh Football Club resisted well and tried to score on the counter, however, their resistance was broken again as Muslim Chaman scored two quick goals towards the end courtesy Shah Wali and Jameel Ahmed.

The game ended 3-0 as Muslim Chaman Football Club were crowned worthy winners of the championship.

The chief guest of the event was Additional Deputy Commissioner (Revenue) Quetta Dr. Yasir Khan Bazai. The tournament unearthed some very impressive footballing talent, which was also what Ufone aimed at doing as they organized their showpiece event in Balochistan.

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KfW delegation reviews PPAF implemented infrastructure projects in Haripur

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

May 8, 2017: A high level delegation of KfW Development Bank, Germany accompanied by Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund’s (PPAF) officials visited Village Dedan of Haripur District to review the progress and impact of the KfW funded Livelihood Support and Promotion of Small Community Infrastructure Program (LACIP) implemented by PPAF through National Rural Support Program (NRSP).

KfW has invested over Rs22 million for the development of basic infrastructure in Haripur including street pavement and drain, link road, pipe irrigation, hand pumps and bio gas plants in the form of 26 small and large projects implemented over a period of four years (2013-2016) through LACIP. The aim of the program is to enhance the quality of lifestyle of the people via generating social capital and empowering the community, especially women to improve their capability around managerial skills, linkages development, operational and maintenance of the projects to ensure sustainable development.


Dr. Henning Plate, Head of the PAK/AFG Division in the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin appreciated the development work of PPAF and NRSP in village Dedan, Haripur. During his visit, he spoke to the community members, encouraging them to continue the hard work for betterment of their village for current and future projects. He commented that Such collaborations will strengthen Pakistan-German partnership and will result in in economic betterment of the country. He also said that “The impact of these interventions is impressive and has shown immense commitment of PPAF and NRSP as well as the people of these communities towards fostering economic and social development,”.

Qazi Azmat Isa, Chief Executive Officer, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, while discussing the development work carried out in this village and the process of community engagement in implementation said, “Women inclusion is the mandate of PPAF in community development, and we have always encouraged members to ensure active participation of women in decision making. We truly appreciate the cooperation of KfW in the economic uplift of these communities.”

Investments under the LACIP in Village Dedan have been crucial in improving the standard of living of people while educating and empowering them to contribute to the change. The outcome is reflected in the improved health and hygiene conditions, better access to main roads through link roads, reduced water conveyance losses and improved irrigation of over 12 acres of land, availability of clean energy and manure for agricultural facilitation as well as provision of safe drinking water for communities leading to reduced incidences of diarrhoea and other related diseases in the area.

The KfW delegation included Dr. Henning Plate, Head of the PAK/AFG Division in the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin, Dr. Jürgen Zoll, First Secretary, German Embassy Islamabad, Dr. Christina Bollin, Desk Officer, Ministry of Economic Coop. and Development, Berlin, AnetteHaller, Senior Country Manager, KfW Frankfurt, Wolfgang Möllers, Director KfW, Islamabad, MeherGhawas, Assistant to First Secretary, German Embassy, Shaukat Ali, Project Coordinator Good Governance, KfW, Islamabad, Stephan Opitz, Head of the PAK/AFG Division of GIZ, Eschborn, Germany, Dr. Julie Reviere, Country Director GIZ, Pakistan, Islamabad and Christian Kapfensteiner, Sector Coordinator Good Governance, GIZ, Islamabad. They were accompanied by Qazi Asmat Isa, CEO PPAF, Simi Kamal, Sr. Group Head Grants Operations, PPAF and Mohammad Nadeem, Senior General Manager, LACIP from PPAF.

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LG WebOS 3.5 Smart TV Platform Earns Common Criteria Certification for Security Excellence

Monday, May 8, 2017

Karachi / SEOUL, May 08, 2017:- LG’s webOS 3.5 smart TV platform was recognized with a Common Criteria (CC) certification for its enhanced Application Security Solution Version 1.0 software. By snagging another internationally-recognized security certification, LG continues to demonstrate that its smart TVs are among the strongest when it comes to smart TV security. The recognition comes at a time when consumers are increasingly concerned about the potential of privacy breaches on their Internet-connected devices.

CC Certification with OLED TV (E7) 2

Security Manager, the webOS 3.5 security software module, was tested in accordance with Common Criteria’s rigid benchmarks. CC’s internationally-recognized ISO/IEC 15408 standards are used by governments, banks, and other organizations to assess the security capabilities of individual products including 27 member countries from around the world including Australia, France, Japan, Korea and the United States.* The test examined three phases of smart TV security: application installation protection, application execution protection and application content protection with digital rights management (DRM) encryption.

LG webOS 3.5 provides excellent application installation protection and blocks the installation of unauthorized apps by conducting a rigorous digital signature verification process. The LG App Store server oversees the digital signature generation process to ensure that webOS 3.5 installs applications downloaded only from the LG App Store. LG webOS 3.5 also delivers protection depending on the type of application platform apps (also known as native apps) or web apps. For native apps, webOS 3.5 implements sandboxing technology according to each application’s security attributes to block access to unauthorized system directories/files, device files and other data. LG webOS 3.5 allows web applications to use only approved application programming interfaces (API) to prevent these web apps from directly accessing sensitive information in the file system. In addition, the latest webOS offers a powerful DRM license verification process designed to decrypt the encrypted content inside RAM (random-access memory) and to create a clean backup of encrypted content in flash memory.

“We have taken every possible step to ensure that webOS 3.5 offers excellent application protection and the highest level of privacy security,” said J.H. Hwang, senior vice president and head of R&D at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “Consistent with customers’ concerns over product security issues, we have enhanced the security of our smart TV platform. Certification by Common Criteria confirms that we’re on the right track when it comes to customer privacy and data protection.”

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Emirates to launch third daily Brisbane service

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New service to be operated by B777-200LR from 1 December 2017

Karachi/ Dubai, May 16, 2017 – Emirates today announced it will introduce a third daily service to Brisbane, Australia from 1 December 2017, complementing Emirates’ existing two daily services.

The direct service, to be operated on a B777-200LR aircraft with eight seats in First Class, 42 in Business Class and 216 in Economy Class, will increase capacity on the route by 3,724 seats a week, inbound and outbound between Brisbane and Emirates’ hub Dubai.


This will give passengers in the United Kingdom, France and North America greater access to Australia with just one stop in Dubai as part of Emirates’ global route network, which includes over 150 destinations in more than 80 countries and territories.

The inbound service EK430 will depart Dubai at 22:00hrs, arriving in Brisbane at 18:15hrs the following day. While the outbound flight EK431 will depart Brisbane at 22:25hrs, arriving in Dubai at 07:00hrs the following day.

The service will operate alongside two existing daily services to Dubai. Flights EK434 and EK435 operate nonstop between Dubai and Brisbane and onwards to Auckland, New Zealand, while flights EK432 and EK433 operate between Dubai and Brisbane via Singapore. Additionally, with codeshare partner Qantas, Emirates offers services to Singapore twice daily from Brisbane.
The news comes as Emirates announced it would be upgauging its third daily service to Melbourne from a B777-300ER to an A380 operation from 25 March 2018, allowing passengers to travel aboard Emirates’ A380 on all three daily flights between Melbourne and Dubai.

Australia is a popular destination for international travellers with its diverse cities and coastal lifestyle. Brisbane is renowned for its thriving culture and is the major international gateway to the Gold Coast, a tourist hot spot and host of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

From a cargo perspective, the 777-200LR offers 14 tonnes of cargo capacity in the bellyhold. Popular goods expected to be transported on these services include fresh meat and vegetables, as well as pharmaceuticals.

Emirates has something for the entire family as passengers can enjoy more than 2,500 channels of its award-winning inflight entertainment system ice. Passengers can also take advantage of onboard connectivity with its inflight Wi-Fi system.

Emirates offers generous baggage allowances, with up to 35kg in Economy Class, 40kg in Business Class and 50kg in First Class. Emirates currently operates 77 flights a week to Australia from Dubai, with flights to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. The addition of this service will bring this number, including Qantas operated flights, to 98 flights per week to Australia from Dubai.

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LG X Power2 Makes Its Way to Markets around the Globe

Friday, May 12, 2017

Karachi / SEOUL, May 12, 2017:- ― LG Electronics (LG) begins rolling out its LG X power2 1 smartphone this month in markets around the world starting in North America followed by key target markets in Asia, Europe, Latin America and other regions.

LG X Power2 - pic 02LG X Power2 - pic 01

The LG X power2 is a mass-tier phone targeting heavy-duty users who are in the market for a competitively priced device with a large display, advanced camera features and long battery life. With a long-lasting 4,500mAh battery, the LG X power2 is perfect for users who enjoy watching movies and video content on their phones, playing games or just getting things done.

The fast charging battery in the LG X power2 is designed to last an entire weekend before requiring recharging. At full charge, it can handle 26 hours of talk time, 18 hours of video viewing or 19 hours of web browsing 2. Its generous 5.5-inch HD In-cell Touch display with 1,280 x 720 resolution offers an immersive viewing experience with rich, vibrant colors.

With a 5MP wide angle camera up front, users can easily take wefies of a large group while LG’s smart UX includes Auto Shot and Gesture Interval Shot which simplify taking selfies by triggering the shutter as soon as a face or hand gesture is detected. What’s more, posting a favorite image is just one tap away with Quick Share. On the back, the 13MP primary camera features Zero Shutter Lag for quick, delay-free shots. And the soft LED flash lets shooters capture images in low light without the harshness of many other smartphone cameras.

“The LG X power2 was designed to meet the demands of users who want maximum usage from their smartphones between charges and many of the advanced features found on our flagship devices,” said Juno Cho, president of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “The combination of outstanding battery life, spacious display and exceptional camera capabilities made the first X power a popular proposition for millions and we expect the newest iteration of the X power series to be even more attractive.”

Pricing and exact date of availability will be announced locally in each market.

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Coca-Cola to partner with Edhi Foundation for doubling Ramazan fundraising

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Karachi, May 17, 2017: Pakistan’s leading humanitarian and social welfare services organization, the Edhi Foundation is looking forward to even larger than ever before public support, for its traditional Ramazan fundraising, in this first Ramazan without the enlightened leadership of its founder, Abdul Sattar Edhi. For this purpose, the Foundation is partnering with Coca-Cola Pakistan in a multi-faceted fundraising campaign entitled “Bottle of Change” that Coca-Cola will devise and execute across the country. A key feature of the campaign will be that Coca-Cola will double all donations received during the campaign, apart from spending a very large sum on a multi-dimensional publicity campaign for this great humanitarian institution.

E. Edhi Foundation -Coca-Cola event

The main message of the campaign, appealing to public consciousness will simply be that Edhi Sahab’s legacy and mission must carry on. While the people of Pakistan have always supported Edhi Foundation throughout the year, the holy month of Ramazan has traditionally been the time of the year when public support has reached a peak, and donations to the Foundation, both zakat and non-zakat, have registered huge increase.

Speaking about the partnership with Coca-Cola, Faisal Edhi, the son of late Abdul Sattar Edhi and the present head of the Foundation stated that Coca-Cola’s immense expertise and experience in creating a huge momentum for any cause will greatly help the Foundation in its Ramazan fundraising drive. He also expressed appreciation for Coca-Cola’s several interventions for other good causes, partnering with reputable non-profit organizations, like with The Citizens Foundation for education, WWF-Pakistan for environmental conservation and Kashf Foundation for women empowerment.
Rizwan U. Khan, General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan & Afghanistan remarked that the Company has deepest respect for the remarkable humanitarian work that the Edhi Foundation has done over the past several decades. He further stated that the Ramazan fundraising campaign for Edhi Foundation is totally altruistic and has no commercial angle whatsoever, and the fundraising is in no way related to product purchase. “We believe it is the social responsibility of all responsible companies to use their resources and expertise to meaningfully support reputable non-profit organizations like the Edhi Foundation in their social welfare outreach. Our donations will match to a limit of Rs. 25million, while spending a handsome amount on innovative awareness campaign throughout the country,” he concluded.
Edhi Foundation has previously always been receiving corporate support in terms of donations in cash and in kind, like ambulances. Now the Coca-Cola and Edhi Foundation partnership for Ramazan fundraising is going a major step further, directly involving the citizens and exponentially raising the level of support being given to the Foundation.

Besides operating the world’s largest ambulance service, Edhi Foundation carries out an unparalleled spectrum of social services which includes orphanages, mobile dispensaries, hospitals, a diabetic centre and homes for the homeless, the disabled and women and the elderly rejected by their families. The Foundation also provides several free of cost services like rehabilitation of drug addicts, tracing of missing people, arranging marriages for helpless girls and boys, providing food, clothing and shelter to the destitute, technical education to the needy, religious education to children, consultancy on family planning and maternity services, providing free blood and plasma to disadvantaged people, providing shelter, food, and caring to mentally retarded people, and carrying out relief and rehabilitation work at times of accidents and natural disasters both within the country and abroad.

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LG and SES to Demonstrate 4K High Frame Rate Technology at SES Industry Days

Monday, May 22, 2017

Karachi / SEOUL, May 22, 2017:- SES and LG Electronics (LG) demonstrated OLED TV’s cutting-edge 4K High Frame Rate (HFR) broadcast at the tenth SES Industry Days conference in Luxembourg, on 16 and 17 May. The 4K HFR content will be transmitted live via an ASTRA satellite at 19.2 degrees East and displayed on LG’s OLED TV using a prototype HFR software. This demonstration will offer visitors the opportunity to experience the highly improved image quality of next generation 4K HFR broadcast content.

MDD_3010 (LG) 2MDD_3010 (LG)

HFR is a new broadcast technology that enhances the quality of 4K Ultra HD images by increasing frames per second (FPS) up to 120, the maximum for broadcast content, compared to most current content which typically supports 50 FPS content. The enhanced FPS rate is particularly beneficial to feature fast action such as sports with lifelike, highly fluid images, while eliminating motion-related picture degradation found on conventional TVs such as motion blur and judder.

In addition to display manufacturers, global broadcasters and content providers are also preparing for the launch of the second phase of Ultra HD using the DVB UHD-1 Phase 2 specification, which features 4K HFR technology. The UHD-1 Phase 2 standard includes other cutting-edge technologies such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Next-generation Audio (NGA).

“We are very excited to demonstrate just how effective LG’s OLED TV is as a platform for 4K HFR and other high grade content,” said Sam Kim, senior vice president and head of TV product planning at the LG Home Entertainment Company. “LG is committed to offering consumers around the world the latest in TV technologies and High Frame Rate on OLED TVs must be seen to be believed. Watching 4K HFR content on an OLED TV as it’s being transmitted in real time by ASTRA’s satellite is a great example of pushing the limits of current TV technologies.”

“SES has been steadily pushing forward development of Ultra HD and the Industry Days event has always been an excellent platform to showcase new TV technology,” said Thomas Wrede, vice president New Technology & Standards at SES. “High frame rate will be an important step towards further enhancing the quality of Ultra HD satellite transmissions, in particular for sports and reality TV events. Our continued partnership with LG Electronics is important in setting the broadcast standards of tomorrow and for pioneering future TV technologies and we are very pleased to work with LG Electronics on such an important milestone.”

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