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Premium products reinforcing high-value consumer satisfaction take centre stage at LG Innofest 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Company plans to enhance recognition as a true premium brand by launching leading products aimed at driving a change in the market and accelerating a profitable growth in 2018

Karachi / DUBAI, UAE, February 1, 2018: LG Electronics (LG) – a global leader and technology innovator, unveiled a spectacular line-up of premium products for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region at the company’s annual two-day innovation event – InnoFest 2018.

Held in the beautiful city of Cape Town – South Africa and attracting over 300 retailers, partners and customers from across the Middle East & Africa (MEA), Innofest 2018 represents an ideal platform to showcase latest products and ground-breaking technologies aimed at solidifying the image as a provider of ultra-premium products, accelerating a profitable growth in 2018.

LG MEA President Mr. Kevin Cha with guests at InnoFest 2018 product tourLG MEA President - Mr. Kevin Cha delivers keynote at InnoFest 2018

Speaking at Innofest 2018, Kevin Cha, President, LG Electronics Middle East & Africa, said: “Today businesses are evolving at a rapid pace than ever before and it is during these testing times, that we adapt and keep up to the changes to be able to prosper and achieve sustainability. Building on our premium products strategy for the region, we remain committed to working and engaging with our various channel partners to ensure LG innovation and technology remains at the forefront of our business strategy to increase profitability and growth in the MEA.”

Focussing on a variety of premium products that that will be rolled out in 2018, the key highlights included the latest OLED TV with the ground-breaking 65” LG W8 with a built-in a9 Intelligent Processor, which made its debut at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES); the TWINWashTM washing machine which has revolutionized and simplified consumer lifestyles with the capability to wash two loads simultaneously; the InstaView Refrigerator, which has won exceptional reviews and accolades for its high-end design and aesthetic, LG’s most talked about LG SIGNATURE line-up with the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV, LG SIGNATURE Refrigerator, the LG SIGNATURE TWINWash™ washing machine and the LG SIGNATURE Air Purifier, revolutionising a premium lifestyle.

The latest air conditioning solutions with the cutting edge Inverter Technology will also form a key highlight. While regular air conditioners can only turn on and off, LG’s Inverter Technology can control rotation frequency to produce cooling more efficiently.

LG’s smart inverter technology has taken LG Electronics to new heights in energy efficient and durable home appliances that facilitate savings from day one. The smart inverter compressor technology has proven to be a ground breaking solution with exceptional performance attributes specially designed for modern consumer. While consumers across the world prioritise a wide variety of different features when choosing appliances for their home, energy efficiency is notably growing.

Another key highlight at Innofest 2018 focussed on the company’s ground-breaking line-up of intelligent robots and innovations in artificial intelligence and developments in the IoT ecosystem.

LG Electronics (LG) was honored with more than 90 awards at CES® 2018, led by the Official CES Best TV Product Award (presented by Engadget) for the fourth consecutive year, this time for the new LG AI OLED TV (model C8). LG also earned numerous best-of-show honors for the LG InstaView ThinQ™ Refrigerator and LG 4K UHD Projector.

“LG is a world leader in electronics and appliances and is now proud to usher in technological change that has gone beyond improving lives to offering seamless everyday experiences for consumers. We are driven and motivated by a philosophy that is innovation-led, sustainable and ultimately creates premium products,” said Mr Derek Sim, Marketing Director, LG Electronics Middle East & Africa.

InnoFest 2018 served as a strategic platform to drive the message that, in 2018 the company will further accelerate its premium product strategy by enhancing overall brand image and focus on profitable growth with the roll out of premium and flagship model launches over the coming months across the MEA region. LG’s latest premium products highlight the true extent of LG’s innovation leadership and the company’s passion for consumer-centric insights that drive the evolution of life.

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Muhammad Aurangzeb appointed as President and CEO of HBL

Friday, February 2, 2018

Karachi, February 01, 2018; Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the largest bank in Pakistan, is pleased to announce that its Board has approved the appointment of Mr. Muhammad Aurangzeb as the President and CEO of HBL subject to approval of the Fit and Proper Test (FPT) by the State Bank of Pakistan. HBL has submitted the requisite application to the State Bank of Pakistan in this regard.

Mr. Aurangzeb is a respected and seasoned banker with more than 30 years of diverse experience with leading global banks in Pakistan and overseas. He is currently the CEO Global Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific at JP Morgan.

He started his career with Citibank, first in Pakistan and later in New York. He then joined ABN AMRO Bank in a senior leadership role, rising to the position of Country Manager in Pakistan. He has since held senior level regional and global positions in ABN AMRO Amsterdam, RBS Singapore and, since 2011, with JP Morgan.

He is a graduate of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania from where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Economics as well as an MBA.

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LG’s 2018 Speaker Lineup Wows with Premium Sound, Ease of Use and Now Smart Capabilities

Monday, February 12, 2018

Karachi / SEOUL, February 12 , 2018 – LG Electronics (LG) recently showcased its superior, clearer and smarter lineup of premium audio products that promises to change the way people think about home speakers. New for 2018 is Meridian Audio’s advanced high performance audio technology to deliver more natural and warm sound. From immersive Dolby Atmos soundbars to portable Bluetooth speakers and its latest artificial intelligence (AI) speaker , LG has something for every music and movie lover.

LG Speaker Lineup

Sound All Around and Above

LG’s new SK10Y soundbar delivers 550W of powerful output and supports 5.1.2 channels by harnessing the power of Dolby Atmos technology. A unique aspect of the technology is that unique “sound objects” can be precisely placed anywhere in a three-dimensional space for an immersive sound from all directions, including the ceiling, which enhances realism and the effect of being in the middle of the action. To create such powerful, textured sound, the SK10Y is equipped with multiple speakers – including a pair of powerful up-firing speakers – to envelop the listener from every angle. Users can adjust the volume of the upfiring speakers to optimize the sound with the height of the ceiling in room.

LG’s partnership with Meridian Audio benefitted the SK10Y speaker with innovative audio enhancements designed to deliver an unsurpassed listening experience. As a pioneer of high-performance, high-fidelity audio and an authority on Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and the field of psychoacoustics, Meridian equipped the SK10Y with a high level of performance including its Bass and Space technology to envelop listeners in rich, uncompromising sound. No matter where the listener is seated, sounds seem warmer and immersive. Meridian’s Height Elevation technology raises sound above the sound bar to the level of the screen, bringing extra clarity to speech and music. What’s more, the LG SK10Y is compatible with high-quality lossless audio files to perfectly recreate sound recorded in the studio. In addition to playback of up to 40kHz, the speaker also offers a sound upconverting feature that boosts the quality of standard audio files to 24bit/192Hz to enhance subtle details and nuances of each track.

From a design perspective, the SK10Y is a head turner with its harmonious, modern-looking edges and a slim profile that seamlessly fits underneath many of LG 2018 OLED or SUPER UHD TV models. The device is also extremely accessible, with full connectivity to hubs, speakers and other smart devices supporting Chromecast. Simply say “OK Google” and your request to begin playing your favorite song, podcast or audio clip from your favorite online streaming service.

Portable Speakers for Any Occasion

LG’s portable PK series speaker delivers powerful sound and mood lighting features in a fun, convenient package that can be taken anywhere. With Meridian Audio’s advanced technologies, the PK speakers are capable of delivering powerful and undistorted bass as well as optimizing speech and vocals. These speakers are compatible with the Apt-X HD Bluetooth standard for streaming 24-bit music over a wireless connection for listening experience that comes close to the original. For an added visual flair, Dynamic Party Lighting flashes to the beat and all three PK models feature rugged designs and convenient grips for easy handling.

Premium Sounding Speaker with Google Assistant

LG will be using the stage at CES 2018 to announce its first premium smart AI audio product, the LG ThinQ Speaker, which not only produces high-quality sound but comes with Google Assistant built in. LG teamed up with Google to ensure that the LG ThinQ Speaker delivers all the conveniences which comes with having a digital assistant at your side. And LG ThinQ Speaker isn’t only a smart companion, it is also a personalized voice-activated interface for LG’s smart home appliances. For example, the LG ThinQ Speaker can be set to turn on an LG appliance with the simple spoken command, “OK Google, talk to LG, turn on the air purifier.” Best of all, the speaker makes no comprises on sound thanks to Meridian Audio technology. LG ThinQ Speaker’s High Resolution Audio is compatible with high quality lossless files, giving it the ability to faithfully recreate sounds that were originally recorded in the studio.

Speakers for Getting the Party Started

For all party lovers, LG has several speakers that combine powerful audio capabilities. These all-in-one party machines offer a variety of features designed to get everyone on the dance floor moving, such as 1,800W output, DJ capabilities, karaoke modes and lights. LG’s newest party speakers feature durable form factors, easy-to-use interfaces and many connectivity options to download or stream an unlimited number of dance tracks.

“Sound technology has come a long way since LG introduced the first radio to Korean consumers almost 60 years ago,” said Seo Young-jae, head of the convergence audio and video business division of LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “At this year’s CES, I’m confident audiences will be impressed with the amount of technology we’ve introduced into our audio products without compromising on sound quality.”


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World-renowned Air Sculpture Artist Daniel Wurtzel collaborates with LG PuriCare™ air purifier

Friday, February 16, 2018

Strong air flow from LG Puricare™ air purifier allows the usage of the largest piece of fabric in a work-of-art by Daniel Wurtzel, by transforming ordinary materials into something extraordinary 

PuriCare TVC 2PuriCare TVC 7

Karachi, February 16, 2018: Betting on health-conscious products, besides focusing on premium products, such as smarter appliances with IoT functionalities for the upcoming phase of growth, LG Electronics is impressing the Air Solutions products segment with the newest, smart air solution for home – the LG PuriCare™ air purifier.

Using an innovative approach to present the key benefits of the latest air purifier, LG teamed up with world-renowned air sculpture artist – Daniel Wurtzel, to transform ordinary materials into something extraordinary by imposing an order on the chaotic air flow systems using LG’s PuriCare™ air purifier.

Daniel – a Brooklyn-based artist is best known for his kinetic sculptures and installations using air and lightweight materials that fly. Daniel found a perfect partner in the LG PuriCare™ air purifier using which he was able to reveal the unexpected beauty of unseen purified air within his work. After working a lot with fixed fans as part of his work, the LG PuriCare™ air purifier clean booster and 360 degree design opened up many new possibilities for creating different artworks.

Upon using the LG PuriCare™ air purifier for his work, Daniel commented, “Clean air from LG’s PuriCare™ air purifier travels as far as 7.5 meters with the rotation of the clean booster adding another degree of flexibility for me to create new and innovative artworks. I was able to challenge myself with LG PuriCare™ air purifier’s new function that simultaneously takes air in and blows it out in 360 degrees. The strong air flow from LG PuriCare™ air purifier has allowed me to use the largest piece of fabric that I have ever worked with before. I was able to reveal the unexpected beauty of unseen purified air from the air purifier within my work.”

With a unique round console design and colour, LG PuriCare™ air purifier is so elegant that it could be mistaken for décor. Simply beautiful on the outside, packed with state-of-the-art innovation on the inside, LG PuriCare™ air purifier features sleek, advanced designs for powerful filtration and natural humidification—so you can breathe easier.

LG PuriCare™ air purifier features a fine dust sensor with voice recognition and DeepThinQ technology make experiencing purer, cleaner air indoors more convenient than ever.

Air monitoring occurs even when the PuriCare™ is off, only powering on when filtering is required. With its distinctive cylindrical design, PuriCare™ boasts the industry’s most advanced air filtration technology with LG’s 360° Total Care Filter System. With its powerful Clean Booster feature, LG PuriCare™ is capable of blowing clean air to cover even large rooms while delivering gentler airflow at the base, making this an ideal product for families with young children and pets.

The air purifier is not only easy to maintain but is also built to last and the smart lighting lets you check the progress with just a glance. It has never been easier to make air cleaner.

“LG’s intelligent home appliances are leading the industry in their capability to predict user needs to create a more comfortable living environment. The collaboration with Daniel Wurtzel for our latest innovation within the air solutions segment is further testament to our strength in delivering products that are invincible in showcasing both aesthetic and functional value for the modern home.

With studies revealing indoor pollen and dust affecting the quality-of-life of families across the world, we are proud of making LG PuriCare™ available in the region. As an air purifier that comes with a sensitive air monitoring sensor, it automatically removes fine dust particles when the air quality is deemed uncomfortable for residents,” said LG MEA/Sub spokesperson.

To watch the air sculpture by Daniel Wurtzel, please visit: Link.

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MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited sign agreement with Covalent to bring 1LINK enabled PayPak Debit Card

Monday, February 19, 2018

Karachi, February 19, 2018 : MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited (MCB-AH) has signed an agreement with Covalent Pvt Limited an Access Group and TPS Joint Venture to launch Pakistan’s First mutual fund with 1LINK enabled PayPak Debit Card.

IMG_0851 (NXPowerLite)

This technology partnership will enable MCB-AH Investors to withdraw cash from any 1LINK enabled ATM and perform transactions at merchants just like a regular debit card in Pakistan.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Saqib Saleem, CEO, MCB-AH said “This is a ground-breaking innovation for the mutual funds industry of Pakistan. With the collaboration with Covalent and support of 1LINK we are pleased to bring this service that will change the transactional dynamics and most importantly bring ease and convenience to our customers.”

Sharing the inspiration at the signing ceremony, Mr. Imran Qureshi, CEO, Covalent said, “Our collaboration with MCB-Arif Habib Savings and Investments Limited is the first of its kind in the mutual fund industry of Pakistan. We are enormously proud that the liquidity paradigm for mutual funds investors will be redefined, where cash withdrawals and purchase will be instant. Investors can now be assured that their savings are available to them as and when they need funds.

Also at this occasion Mr. Shahzad Shahid, Director, Covalent said “With 60% Pakistani population under the age of 30, most of whom are tech savvy, the mutual fund industry must aim to deliver product and services digitally. Signing up with Covalent is the first step towards providing those value added services like Debit Transaction facility which will bring us closer to our younger generation of investors.

Covalent is the 1st local collaboration on the Cloud, formed with the objective of leading the way towards digital transformation of banks in the most cost effective and efficient way. We offer a white labeled digital payments platform that can address both the short and long term objectives of any financial institution, processor or telco. Incorporated in 2016, we are a joint venture between two leading industry players, Access Group and TPS. This strategic alliance brings together the combined expertise and domain knowledge of both companies, providing the best of the best for the local market. Be it normal electronic banking transactions, ecommerce transactions, loyalty management or mobile payments, we want to change the way the masses transact with newer and innovative ways of making digital payments.

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Jubilee Life extends its support to Roshan Rahain’s Financial Literacy Program “Hisaab Kitaab”

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Karachi, February 19, 2018: Roshan Rahain an ambitious young, non-profit organization is committed to educating children using alternate forms of art and has launched first-of-a-kind financial literacy program in Pakistan with support from Jubilee Life Insurance. The Program will teach children about the importance of savings, techniques of managing day-to-day transactions, handling cash and much more using the medium of music and other engaging activities along with role playing.

Roshan Rahain (NXPowerLite)

Pakistan has the lowest financial access in the world. About 100 million adults in Pakistan (roughly about 80% of country’s population) don’t have access to formal and regulated financial services. This number accounts for about 5% of the world’s unbanked population, which stands at 2 billion, as per the World Bank (WB). The lack of financial access creates multiple problems for people including having to face financial shocks, unexpected expenses and being excluded from savings services.

Jubilee Life Insurance supports Roshan Rahain for a 3-month long program, Roshan Rahain’s team reached out to approximately 3,000 children from different schools in Lahore as well as from institutions that are working with underprivileged children. During the project, the team visited numerous schools including Lahore Grammar School, Aitichson School, Door of Awareness & Sharif Education Trust, Rosan Islamic School, SOS Village, in total the Roshan Rahain team visited around 15 schools both private & public.

Speaking at the activity session, the coordinator of Lahore Grammar School commented “The activities conducted by Roshan Rahain were extremely creative and the role playing idea was superb as kids not only enjoyed themselves but also learned a lot through these activities”.

A representative from the Sharif Education Trust said “We need more of these activities & educational sessions, the use of music to learn financial literacy was very creative and this is an important subject for children in these times especially”.

Founder of Roshan Rahain, Shaigan Azhar shared “Children have a great ability to learn new things. The use of music and other techniques has proven impact on their ability to learn. We are extremely thankful to our sponsors & schools for believing in us and helping us reach out to children. Moving on, we hope to expand our reach to other cities of Pakistan reaching as many children as possible”.

Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (life, health and general) in the Asian and East African markets. Being one of the fastest growing life insurance companies in Pakistan, Jubilee Life boasts a presence in every major city in the country. They employ a highly trained sales force of more than 3500 individuals who help insure millions of lives through relations with a large number of organizations across Pakistan.  Jubilee Life is the only company with the largest gross premiums written and has insured over 5 million lives through multiple channels of distribution. The company is backed by one of the world’s largest and strongest insurers, SCOR RE and HANNOVER RE.

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Jubilee Life Insurance declares 145% Final cash dividend

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

KARACHI, February 21, 2018: Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited announced impressive financial results for the year ended December 31, 2017, recommending a Final cash dividend of 145% (Rs.14.50 per share). This is in addition to interim cash dividend of 30% declared earlier, bringing the total payout for the year to 175% (Rs.17.50 per share).

The Company reported a pre-tax profit of Rs.3,876 million during the year as compared to Rs.3,152 million in 2016, representing an increase of 23%. The profit after tax was recorded at Rs.2,570 million, as compared to Rs.2,108 million during the year 2016, an increase of 22%. The earnings per share (EPS) increased from Rs.26.57 in 2016 to Rs.32.39 in 2017, an increase of 22%. The results were declared by the Board of Directors who met under the chairmanship of Mr. Kamal A. Chinoy to review the annual performance of the Company.

The year 2017 was another impressive performance from Jubilee Life, which was recognized by third parties with awards and accolades during the year, including the selection for the prestigious PSX Top 25 Companies Award for 2016, and the 5th FPCCI Achievement Award for 2016.

Speaking about the financial results, Mr. Javed Ahmed, Managing Director & CEO Jubilee Life said, “Our results are a reflection of our commitment to excellence – we believe in being second to none. With our footprints spread all across Pakistan, we remain the insurer of choice for countless families and households across the country, and our achievements, including some of the most prestigious awards of the corporate sector, make us the leader in the field of life insurance in Pakistan.”

He added that Jubilee Life will continue to follow a strategy of high business growth with sustainable profitability.

Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (life, health and general) in the Asian and East African markets. Jubilee Life in Pakistan offers a uniquely designed range of life and health insurance plans, catering to various customer segments and needs. These include retirement, child education, marriage, saving & protection, wealth accumulation, life insurance plans for women, rural insurance plans and life and health insurance solutions for the less privileged of our country.

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Time to redefine ‘smart’ in the evolution of the smart phone era; AI all set to fuel sustainable and innovative growth

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Karachi, February 22, 2018: AI is going to unleash a whole new level of productivity and augment our lives in many ways. We can count on technological innovation to continue at an even more rapid pace than what we’ve seen with previous generations. AI will become like electricity – invisible and augmenting almost every part of our lives. Thirty years from now we’ll wonder how we ever got along without our digital assistants, just as we can’t imagine life today without checking our smartphones a dozen times every hour.

As yesteryear game-changing features including fingerprint sensors, dual-cameras etc. have all now become standard and mainstream, AI will now drive the evolution of ‘smart’ within the smartphone game.

The past 30 years have seen incredible growth and innovation in the tech industry. We’ve gone from pocket calculators and PCs to pocket computers more powerful than the mammoth mainframe computers of the 1980s.

LG Vision AI 01LG Vision AI 02

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented pace and it’s often hard for the consumer to keep up, but more importantly, it affords businesses the possibility to drive growth that is innovative, sustainable and responsible. For the first time in the history of humankind, artificial intelligence is driving advancement.

This is incredible progress where the pace of technology change is moving even faster. The entire planet of people and things is becoming connected. Five billion people have access to a mobile device, and more than 3 billion of the world’s citizens can instantly connect with almost anyone around the world via the internet. In the next few years, 50 billion things – everything from light bulbs and refrigerators to roads and clothing – will be connected to the internet, according to updates from the World Economic Report.

In every generation, a number of emerging technologies converge, and something revolutionary occurs. Over the past decade, a maturing internet, increasing bandwidth, sleek and more immersive and intuitive products have gained traction and the trend now seems to be with one of the most game-changing of all times – i.e. AI technology.

This new era is creating an ideal platform for artificial intelligence (AI) to move into the mainstream, and it is this convergence of increasing computing power, big data and machine learning that is reshaping the world we live in and our relationships with technology and each other.

The mobile AI revolution is beginning to open up new and exciting possibilities for applications. This revolution promises to reshape things in the next few years. It will also be a revolution very different from what we have known so far, because it is no longer just a question of increasing the processing power of smartphones, but of a real concept change that involves giving our phones the ability to learn and decide for themselves the best way to function.

AI has been present in mobile phones for a while now. In the previous generation of phones, AI was cloud-based and required an internet connection to be accessed. So now what is different about AI on mobile devices is that the new generation of smartphones will combine the cloud-based AI to built-in AI engines on the hardware.

This year’s main smartphone launches promote artificial intelligence as a life-changing feature and LG has long recognised the potential of AI and has been working on harnessing its endless possibilities.

With LG’s strategy placing AI at the core of our innovation has resulted in AI enabled products that will offer incredible user experiences designed to enhance lifestyles.

From what experts have promised, it seems like the difference of having a smartphone to an ‘artificially intelligent’ phone is like the difference of having a pet to a guide dog. While a pet will obey your commands, a guide dog will not only respond to your orders but lead the way and make decisions to what it believes is best for you. In a device like a smartphone, AI promises a better integration of the system with hardware such as cameras, microphones and batteries. This leads the way for a number of unique features and improvements.

LG’s strategy for smartphones is to continue expanding the AI capabilities, while constantly refining existing features to make them easier and more convenient to use. The AI upgrades will not be limited to new LG models only. Certain AI features will also be introduced to existing LG smartphones via over-the-air updates, after taking into consideration various hardware specifications and the stability of the LG smartphone models to ensure the user experience remains seamless, friendly and customised.

LG’s leadership signalled this shift in January at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with the announcement that LG’s future is in AI and not limited to hardware specs and processing speeds. Our focus, moving forward, is on creating smarter smartphones and we are excited about the transformation this will bring about in user experiences and behaviours.

In the last 20 years, the mobile ecosystem has rapidly evolved, and we are now in a world in which consumer behaviour shifts and tech infrastructure grows even more capable in a period of mere months. Businesses may find it tempting to be driven by the changes in the world, but we believe it’s more important to keep an eye on the big future picture, without getting caught up and swept away by gimmicks and trends. After all, reactionary approach is neither sustainable nor innovative.

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Facebook Introduces New Feature in Pakistan to Help Increase Blood Donations

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Karachi, 27 February 2018 – Today, Facebook is launching a blood donations feature in Pakistan to make it easier for people to sign up to be blood donors, and to help connect donors with people and organizations in need. Pakistan, like many countries, has a shortage of safe blood. In some cases, this shortage means patients and their families are responsible for finding donors to replace the blood they receive from blood banks or hospitals. This can cause high-stress situations as people try to find blood donors on their own. Many people are reaching out to their networks on Facebook. There are thousands of posts each month in Pakistan seeking blood donors on Facebook, and over 100,000 people in blood donation groups.

This is where Facebook can help, by finding ways to more efficiently bring blood donors, people and organizations together. We have worked together with non-profit organizations, health industry experts, potential donors and people who have used Facebook to find blood donors to ensure that this feature was designed to be useful to people. We recently launched a similar tool in India and Bangladesh, where nearly 7 million people have signed up to be blood donors on Facebook.


Making It Easier to Become a Blood Donor
Starting today, people using Facebook in Pakistan will be able to sign up to be blood donors either on their profiles or by visiting facebook.com/donateblood. All information will remain private and set to Only Me by default, but people can choose to share their donor status more widely. This feature will be available on Android, iOS and desktop.

Connecting People and Organizations with Blood Donors
We’re also make it easier for people and organizations, such as blood banks and hospitals, to connect with blood donors on Facebook.

  • When people are seeking donations, they will be able to create special posts to spread the word or go to facebook.com/findblooddonors. Facebook will automatically notify blood donors who may be nearby to help. Donors can then review the request and, if they wish to respond, contact the requester directly through a phone call. The requester won’t be able to see any information about the donor, unless the donor explicitly provides it when he or she replies.
  • When organizations are hosting a blood camp event in Pakistan, they will be able to create an event on Facebook and nearby blood donors will be automatically notified. Donors can review the event and indicate if they’re going or interested.

Hema Budaraju, Head of Product, Health at Facebook: “We hope that by increasing awareness and providing tools for people and organizations in need to connect with those who are willing to help, we can make it easier for people to donate blood.”

Prof. Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator, Safe Blood Transfusion Programme, Ministry of National Health Services, Government of Pakistan: “Safe Blood Transfusion Programme is proud to work with Facebook. We believe Facebook’s Blood Donation feature will help us address a key programmatic challenge for us, that is reaching a younger population of potential donors. We are confident that now this gap will soon become history.”

Dr Saeed Elahi, Chairman, Pakistan Red Crescent Society: “Safe blood saves lives and improves health. For 70 years, the Pakistan Red Crescent has worked to prevent and alleviate human suffering. We believe Facebook’s Blood Donation feature will make it easier for people in need to find donors and increase blood donations overall. Thousands of people seek blood donations every month in Pakistan and today the Facebook Blood Donation tool will help raise awareness of and the importance of reliable access to safe blood in Pakistan.”

People in Pakistan can go to facebook.com/donateblood to learn more and sign up to be a blood donor. For organizations interested in using the blood donations feature, contact us here.

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LG V30 Raspberry Rose Is Red Hot

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

LG V30 Raspberry Rose Recorded over 35 percent of LG V30’s Sales in Korea Since Launched on January 22

Karachi / SEOUL, February 06, 2018 — LG Electronics (LG) announced that the popular new LG V30 Raspberry Rose is breathing new life into LG’s smartphone catalog. Introduced as the fifth color option for LG’s flagship LG V30, the LG V30 Raspberry Rose has proven to be so popular in Korea that it made up more than 35 percent of the LG V30’s sales in the two weeks since its January 22 launch.

This color popularity has enabled the LG V30 Raspberry Rose to be responsible for over 5% increase in January LG V30 sales from December, despite just having been released on January 22. This comes at a time when industry sales of smartphones have been slow due to the imminent launches of new models in the coming months.

LG V30_Range shot 1 outLG V30_Range shot 2 outLG V30_Range shot 3 out

Featuring a seasonal shade of red not available on other competitor smartphones, the Raspberry Rose’s back panel shifts from a deep red to a light pink, depending on how it is seen in the light. The LG V30 Raspberry Rose has proven to be especially popular amongst female customers looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, with women accounting for around 70 percent of the LG V30 Raspberry Rose’ sales.

The LG V30 also features sophisticated color options that appeal to all customers, regardless of age or gender, ranging from the passionate Raspberry Rose to the delicate and romantic Lavender Vio-let, as well as Moroccan Blue, Cloud Silver, and Aurora Black.

LG Electronics plans to take advantage of the Raspberry Rose’s popularity by introducing it in Feb-ruary as a color option for the LG G6, a flagship device featuring a 5.7-inch 18:9 FullVision Display that can be easily held in one hand.

“LG Electronics intends to continue developing unique smartphone color options like the captivat-ing and popular Raspberry Rose for different personalities of consumers today,” said Park Hee-uhk, vice president and head of product planning for LG Electronics’ Mobile Communications Company.

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