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Facebook opens Innovation Lab in Lahore, boosting tech innovation in Pakistan

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Lahore, 3 April 2019 — Facebook and Pakistan’s Ministry of Information Technology & Telecom along with the National Technology Fund (IGNITE) launched the first Facebook Innovation Lab in Pakistan at a ceremony attended by policy makers and technocrats on Wednesday (3 April 2019). Located in the National Incubation Center (NIC) at the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), the Innovation Lab will focus on providing infrastructure access to developers, entrepreneurs and community groups enabling them to network, train and grow their expertise. It will also help developers build products and applications using emerging technology like Virtual Reality (VR).


Facebook PR - 03We are proud to launch Facebook Innovation Lab as a part of our long term commitment to support innovation and the developer community in Pakistan. Facebook is committed to building an impactful community in Pakistan and we believe it is important to support businesses, startups and the individuals who are driving innovation to grow and succeed. We are confident that through our partnership with the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecom, Ignite, National Incubation Centre (NIC) Lahore, and LUMS, Facebook Innovation Lab will not only be a unique training and innovation center, but will support a vibrant and transformative technology community in the country,’ said Jason Lin, Head of Startup Programs (APAC), Facebook.

This is the first innovation lab launched by Facebook in Pakistan. The Lab will give startups the infrastructure and the access they need to refine and scale their business models so they can succeed in Pakistan and scale internationally. The lab not only provides a showcase of the latest technology, but participants will be matched with mentors, as well as connect with Facebook’s global and exclusive experts, industry leaders, and specialists in product innovation, business growth, and data protection.
Attending the launch, Yusuf Hussain, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Ignite said, “Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Artificial Intelligence are rapidly expanding and will be major sectors of the future. Ignite’s partnership with Facebook, one of the world’s leading AR/VR development platform, will help launch this crucial 4IR technology in Pakistan in a big way.”

Facebook PR - 01

Participants will access FbStart, a global program designed to help start-ups build and grow their businesses. Finally participants are encouraged to connect and support other developers and entrepreneurs through Developer Circles, a community-driven program for developer collaboration.
One of the founders who shared how technology, especially VR, helped their vision was Saadan Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Vanilla Arcade, a company which offers immersive and interactive experiences to advertisers and educational institutions. “AR/VR has allowed us to connect the youth of Pakistan to experience the culture and history of their country in the most immersive way possible. It is the future of story telling and education,” said Ahmed.

Facebook PR - 02

Other startups at the launch included Advertelligent who help support retailers understand foot traffic and Vcella who use technology to connect Pakistan’s artisans to the rest of the world through a virtual marketplace.

Facebook Innovation Lab is aimed at encouraging South Asia’s spirit of entrepreneurship and startup growth. In addition to the program the lab will also host initiatives such as housing community events and workshops and providing trainings for startups. Another key feature of the lab is that it welcomes startups and entrepreneurs based in Pakistan who would like to deep dive into the emerging technology space.

LUMS Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arshad Ahmad said, “Innovation is the backbone of cutting edge research and quality teaching at LUMS. Facebook Innovation Lab Pakistan provides leverage to our core offerings and enables us to achieve another level of training and mentorship – it promises to create social capital amongst young entrepreneurs that will drive their ideas with no boundaries.”

Facebook Innovation Lab welcomes startups and developers to register their interest at https://fb.me/innovationlabpak

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About Facebook Innovation Lab Pakistan

About Facebook Developer Circles

Note to Editor
Cosmic Perspective
Cosmic Perspective is Pakistan’s first astronomy focused social enterprise which aims to educate children about astronomical sciences. The CEO and co-founder is Ms. Aamna Saleem, and the co-founder is Mr. Hassan Bukhari.

Advertelligent is a personalized ads serving and data Analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence. The CEO and Founder is Mr. Tayyab Tariq.

Vceela aims to connect artisans who may not be connected to the digital ecosystem to local and international markets. They do this by not only providing them with a virtual market place but also help them market in an effective way. Founder and CEO is Mr. Akeel Khalid.

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InnoFest 2019: LG prepares to show how AI will benefit homes in MEA

Thursday, April 4, 2019

LG’s ThinQ technology signifies a future of greater flexibility and convenience for the region

Karachi / Dubai, UAE: 04 April 2019 – This Spring, LG will be showcasing its revolutionary ThinQ technology and the power of AI to an exclusive audience at InnoFest 2019.

An annual event, InnoFest gives distribution and retail partners, as well as media the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with LG’s latest technologies. This year, LG is placing key focus on communicating the power of smart technology to make life simpler and more efficient, with its array of AI-equipped appliances.

ThinQ image- Innofest

Over the past few years, LG has been finetuning its research and design, introducing a range of products that have truly redefined how consumers navigate their daily lives. For the kitchen, the LG InstaView refrigerator aims to be a complete lifestyle aid. From weather forecasts for the day ahead to compiling shopping lists, the InstaView is designed with the whole family in mind. When a cook is unsure of what to make for dinner, they simply need to select an item from the refrigerator and choose a recipe using its touch-screen interface. For those with entire integrated smart kitchens, ThinQ technology can also enable the chosen recipe to communicate with an LG smart oven and set it to the correct pre-heating temperature.

LG’s TWINWash washing machines provide users with the ability to clean their clothes with greater speed, using two cycles simultaneously. With the use of LG’s Smart ThinQ mobile application, homeowners can operate their washing machines from the comfort of their sofa, or even whilst on-the-go. When heading to the shops, they can also see detergent levels and ensure they are always in full supply.

LG ThinQ technology brings deep learning to everyday household products. Appliances are enabled with the ability to learn a user’s habits and tastes over time, for better integration and peace-of-mind. LG ThinQ identifies when its user has scheduled a morning run into their calendar and can communicate with the TWINWash to programme the washing machine to the ‘gym clothes’ setting upon their arrival.

Also on display at InnoFest will be the LG PuriCare air purifier. With its Clean Booster technology, it can remove dust up 74% faster than conventional air purifiers and introduce clean air up to 7.5 meters away. The purpose of the PuriCare is to not only provide a feeling of cleanliness, but to also absorb pollutants and fine dust in order to create healthier environments. The Smart ThinQ application can also provide live updates on overall air cleanliness to help users recognize when their home needs a refresh.

LG ThinQ technology also provides appliances with a self-diagnosis platform. This means that appliances are able to notify users well in advance and also relay key information to a local call center for faster repairs.

As part of its premium LG SIGNATURE brand, Innofest attendees will also gain an exclusive look at the world’s first rollable OLED TV. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R combines the company’s industry-leading OLED technology with innovations in engineering to offer a unique unit that is able to seamlessly blend into a range of spaces, due to its flexible nature. With integrated digital assistants, including Amazon Alexa, users can control their TVs and pick their favorite shows simply by using their voice. LG’s second generation α (Alpha) 9 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm optimizes content to provide ultimate picture and sound quality.

In addition to product views, attendees will also have the opportunity to meet LG’s global spokespeople and executives – posing questions around the latest technology and plans for the MEA region. LG InnoFest 2019 seeks to make AI accessible to a wider audience, truly showcasing its potential for integration into smart homes around the world.

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LG’s Premium Living Space Solutions Set to Impress at InnoFest Mea 2019

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Designed for Discerning Consumers, LG’s Pioneering Products and Innovative Technologies Deliver Ultimate in Convenience

Karachi / SEOUL, Apr. 09, 2019 – LG Electronics (LG) unveiled its latest lineup of premium living space solutions at InnoFest Middle East and Africa (MEA) 2019. Held in the metropolitan city of Seoul, South Korea (April 9-11), the event gave partners, retailers and media from countries across the Middle East and Africa the opportunity to experience LG’s revolutionary technologies and learn about the key business strategies and priorities for the year ahead.

For 2019, LG has re-positioned its expansive product portfolio as an integrated service that offers premium solutions for enhanced living. Taking place at LG Science Park – the home of LG’s R&D initiatives – this year’s InnoFest MEA showcased the real-life benefits of the company’s latest innovations. The exhibition, which featured several ‘recreated’ living spaces, afforded visitors the chance to see flagship home appliance from the LG ThinQ, LG SIGNATURE and LG Objet lineups in action. With a strong emphasis on design and function, the company is bringing greater efficiency, convenience and enjoyment into consumers’ lives.

In the LG ThinQ zone, LG’s representative AI brand allowed guests to experience a connected, futuristic lifestyle enabled by diverse products that seamlessly integrate with the home. Meanwhile, the company’s premium design-focused brands, LG Objet and LG SIGNATURE, illustrated the superior alignment of style and practicality in separate, interactive displays.

Emblematic of LG’s constant efforts to push the boundaries of technology and design, the game-changing LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) proved a major attraction at InnoFest. The world’s first rollable TV, LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R received more than 70 awards and honors at this year’s CES alone, and serves as yet another reminder of the company’s strength in R&D and manufacturing techniques.

InnoFest MEA also saw an appearance by ‘big data’ specialist, Song Gil-young, who delivered a talk about how big data can be a powerful tool for uncovering new trends and establishing effective strategies. Attendees were also given the opportunity to tour LG’s state-of-the-art Changwon production facility.

“LG is deeply committed to giving consumers more choice and greater convenience, which is reflected in their wide range of innovative user-centric products,” said Mr. Mohamed Fouani of Fouani Nigeria Ltd, one of  Nigeria’s largest distributors of consumer electronics goods. “Designed to satisfy consumers’ diverse needs, LG’s lifestyle solutions make it easy for us to communicate their appeal.”

“As InnoFest has illustrated, we are constantly evolving our products and introducing new lineups that make consumers’ lives simpler,” said Mr. James Lee, president of LG Middle East and Africa region. “Through our ‘Open’ strategy and partnerships with likeminded organizations, we will continue to provide localized solutions and reaffirm our status as a technology trailblazer.”

LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 12 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 11 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 10 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 9 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 8 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 7 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 6 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 5 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 4 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 3 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 2 LG InnoFest 2019 MEA_on site photo 1

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Mr. Adil Rashid Appointed CEO of Wateen Telecom Ltd.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Wateen Telecom Board of Directors announced today that Mr. Adil Rashid has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company effective April 22nd and replaces Mr. Rizwan Tiwana, who has resigned for personal reasons.

Mr. Adil Rashid brings over two decades of experience in driving sales, business development, strategy and market performance as a Business and Operations leader in the technology sector. He has diversified local and international experience from working with leading global Telecom & IT infrastructure, software, and service providers in various business and sales management roles. Mr. Adil holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.

In his most recent role as Chief Business Services Officer at Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited, he was managing PTCL’s Enterprise, Carrier & Wholesale and International Business Divisions. During his last assignment, he was instrumental in achieving significant growth for PTCL Business Services and establishing a strong foundation for the future. Prior to joining PTCL in 2016, he worked for Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, and Nokia Networks in Canada and with Nokia Networks and NCR/Teradata in Pakistan.

Commenting on his appointment as CEO of Wateen, Mr. Adil Rashid said: “I am truly delighted to be given the opportunity to lead Wateen Telecom into its next era. I firmly believe that Wateen, with its national presence, countrywide fiber infrastructure, and portfolio of Digital B2B solutions, is well positioned to become the partner-of-choice for enterprises, service providers and broadband customers in Pakistan. Our complete focus will be to offer highest value to our customers using Wateen’s assets and experience.”

The Wateen Board of Directors expressed its pleasure in welcoming Adil into the leadership role at Wateen and witnessing his future achievements within the firm.

Regarding Tiwana’s departure, the Board of Directors at Wateen thanked Rizwan for his time at the helm, during which Wateen consolidated its strategic position, and they wished him all the best going forward.

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Gerry’s dnata demonstrates high safety standards; becomes first ground services provider to achieve ISAGO Registration in Pakistan

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Karachi, April 11, 2019 – Gerry’s dnata, the leading ground services provider in Pakistan, has marked an important milestone in its ongoing commitment to safety and security. The company has achieved IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Registration in Pakistan, and obtained ISAGO Station Accreditation at Karachi International Airport following successful completion of ISAGO audits. Gerry’s dnata is the first ground services provider to be awarded the prestigious safety certification in Pakistan.


“We are proud to be awarded IATA’s prestigious ISAGO Registration in Pakistan,” said Syed Haris Raza, Vice President of Gerry’s dnata. “As one of our core values, safety is integrated in all aspects of our operational, training and people management processes. We constantly monitor and measure our safety performance and engage our colleagues at all levels of the organization in continuous improvement. The achievement of the ISAGO Registration demonstrates our commitment and ability to meet the highest industry standards.”

Gerry’s Group and dnata, one of the world’s largest air services providers, joined hands in 1993 to provide ground handling services at Karachi Airport. Since then, the joint venture has continually expanded its operations in the country and today serves 11 airline customers at seven Pakistani airports. Gerry’s dnata’s 2,500 dedicated employees assist over 4.5 million passengers and handle 130,000 tons of cargo annually.


ISAGO is an industry global standard for the oversight and audit of ground service providers. It is complementary to the internationally recognized and accepted IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) designed to assess the operational management and control systems of an air operator. The implementation of the ISAGO aims to address the safety risks and incident costs of ground operations.

ISAGO is conducted in a standardized and consistent manner using internationally recognized standards and requires conformance with the applicable ISAGO Standards and Recommended Practices at both the corporate and station levels.

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LG Showcases New Model OLED and NanoCell TVs at InnoFest MEA

Friday, April 12, 2019

New Model OLED and NanoCell TVs Raise the Bar for Home Entertainment with Optimized Picture and Sound Powered by Deep Learning

Karachi / Dubai, UAE: 12 April 2019 – LG Electronics (LG) is unveiling its premium 2019 TV lineups, including new OLED and NanoCell TV series featuring ThinQ AI technology at InnoFest MEA.

Taking place at LG Science Park in Seoul, South Korea from April 9 to 10, InnoFest is LG’s annually held celebration of innovation. The new TV models deliver upgraded AI picture and sound quality, underpinned by the company’s advanced second-generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning algorithm. Thanks to the new algorithm, LG’s TVs will offer optimized picture and sound by analyzing source content and by recognizing ambient conditions.

LG’s premium range for the MEA market is headlined by the flagship OLED TV lineup, which offers a variety of screen sizes: W9 (model 77/65W9), E9 (model 65E9), C9 (model 77/65/55C9) and B9 (model 65/55B9).

NanoCell is LG’s new premier LED brand, the name highlighting the outstanding picture quality enabled by NanoCell technology. Ensuring a wider color gamut and enhanced contrast, NanoColor employs a Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) backlight unit. NanoAccuracy guarantees precise colors and contrast over a wide viewing angle while NanoBezel helps to create the ultimate immersive experiences via ultra-thin bezels and the sleek, minimalist design of the TV.

The NanoCell series comprises fourteen AI-enabled models, available in sizes varying from 49 to 77 inches (model 65SM95, 7565/55SM90, 65/55/49SM86 and 65/55/49SM81) .

The LG C9 OLED TV and the company’s 86-inch 4K NanoCell TV model (model 86SM90) were recently honored with CES 2019 Innovation Awards. The exceptional 65-inch E9 and C9 OLED TVs also picked up accolades from Dealerscope, Reviewed.com, and Engadget.

LG Showcases Premium 2019 Television Lineups at InnoFest MEA

The α9 Gen 2 intelligent processor used in LG’s W9, E9 and C9 series OLED TVs elevates picture and sound quality via a deep learning algorithm (which leverages an extensive database of visual information), recognizing content source quality and implementing the best method for optimizing visual output.

Able to understand how the human eye perceives images in different lighting, the α9 Gen 2 intelligent processor finely adjusts the tone mapping curve in accordance with ambient conditions to achieve the optimal level of screen brightness. The processor uses the TV’s ambient light sensor to measure external light, automatically changing brightness to compensate as required. With its advanced AI, the α9 Gen 2 intelligent processor can refine High Dynamic Range (HDR) content through altering brightness levels. In brightly lit settings, it can transform dark, shadow-filled scenes into easily discernable images, without sacrificing depth or making colors seem unnatural or oversaturated. LG’s 2019 TVs also leverage Dolby’s latest innovation, which intelligently adjusts Dolby Vision content to ensure an outstanding HDR experience, even in brightly lit conditions.

LG’s audio algorithm can up-mix two-channel stereo to convincingly replicate 5.1 surround sound. The α9 Gen 2 intelligent processor fine-tunes output according to content type, making voices easier to hear in movies and TV shows, and delivering crisp, clear vocals in songs. LG TVs intelligently set the perfect levels based on their positioning within a room, while users can also adjust sound settings manually if they choose. LG’s flagship TVs again offer the realistic sound of Dolby Atmos for an immersive entertainment experience.

For further convenience, LG’s 2019 premium TV range comes with a new conversational voice recognition feature that makes it easier than ever to take control and ask a range of questions. The TVs can understand context which allows for more complex requests, meaning users won’t have to make a series of repetitive commands to get the desired results. Conversational voice recognition will be available on LG TVs with ThinQ AI in over a hundred of countries globally.

LG’s 2019 AI TVs support HDMI 2.1 specifications, allowing the new 4K OLED and NanoCell TV models to display 4K content at a remarkable 120 frames per second. Select 2019 models offer 4K high frame rate (4K HFR), automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and enhanced audio return channel (eARC).

To find out more about LG’s latest TVs and home entertainment systems, please visit https://www.lg.com/ae.

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Emirates Cabin Crew enriches First Class menu with special creation

Monday, April 15, 2019

‘Tofu Royale’ entrée featuring on Dubai-Seoul route throughout April

Karachi / Dubai, April 15, 2019 — Dubai, UAE – 3 April 2019 – Emirates cabin crew member, Jeeye Kang, has emerged the airline’s Biggest Foodie, with her winning recipe fit for a king, to be served on board for three months this year. Jeeye, a Korean national, has received the ultimate reward with her signature dish ‘Tofu Royale’ being featured in Emirates’ First Class menu, throughout April 2019, on the Dubai-Seoul route.

To mark the launch and success of the Emirates Food Channel on its inflight entertainment system ice, the airline held a competition for its employees to show off their culinary skills while providing an opportunity for engagement and recognition. Jeeye put her gastronomic expertise to the test when she presented her gourmet recipe and explained the rich story behind it in her submission for the contest.

Tofu Royale pays homage to the recipe’s origin, Korea, and Jeeye was thrilled to create a dish suitable for the Emirates First Class menu and for it to be served to travellers. Jeeye said: “I thought entering the competition would be a great opportunity to showcase my country’s traditional cuisine and my passion for cooking. I was excited to hear that my dish was chosen by the panel of judges and I’m so honoured and thrilled to have my dish served on board. This dish was specially prepared for the monarchs of the Joseon dynasty. My grandmother made a similar dish whenever we had a family reunion and I later found out this dish was served to royalty more than 500 years ago, which is why I called it Tofu Royale.”


“It is a great privilege to have had the chance to be recognised for my culinary talents and to share my passion for food. Cuisine and appreciation for great food is a way of bringing people of all cultures together and I am pleased to contribute a dish that can be enjoyed by fellow Koreans and non-Koreans alike. Emirates has one of the largest and most awarded flight catering operations in the world, so to me, this is a badge of honour. I am grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to enriching our regionally-inspired menu on the route and the customer experience,” continued Jeeye.

Jeeye also had the opportunity to work alongside Chef Wang De Xiang, Emirates’ Executive Sous Chef, to produce a variation of the dish that could be easily served onboard as a complement to the breakfast menu in First Class. Tofu, chicken, morel mushrooms, boiled egg yolk for the topping and pine nuts as a garnish, comprise the luxurious and flavourful entrée. A drizzling of both sesame oil and truffle oil enhance the flavour of the recipe, which will be served along with dakjuk (chicken congee), a popular Korean porridge loved by people of all ages. As Emirates refreshes its menus monthly, Tofu Royale will feature onboard for three months this year, throughout April, August and December, on the Dubai -Seoul route.

Reflecting its commitment to serving quality regional and international dishes onboard, Emirates embarked on a search for an innovative dish that reflects the breadth of its global network and cosmopolitan nature of its employee base, comprising a melting pot of more than 165 nationalities.



At the core of Emirates’ ethos of creating a rewarding work environment for its employees, the airline regularly engages its employees and recognises talent across all of its operations through various schemes.

Emirates flies daily between Dubai and Incheon International Airport, operated by the iconic A380 aircraft, in a three-class configuration. Emirates caters to passengers’ ethnic preferences and palates on flights to numerous destinations around the world, allowing travellers to select from regionally-inspired dishes made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

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Bank Alfalah Islamic and Ghandhara Industries Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Promoting Isuzu D Max Variants

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Karachi: April 15, 2019: Bank Alfalah Islamic, Pakistan’s rapidly growing Islamic Bank, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Ghandhara Industries Limited (GIL). GIL is a public limited company quoted on the Stock Exchanges and registered under the Companies Act, 1913 (now companies Ordinance, 1984). The major business activities of the company comprise of progressive manufacturing, assembly and marketing Isuzu Pickups, Trucks, and Buses along with fabrication of wide range of superstructures on all kind of chassis.

From Right to Left (Sitting) Imran Rashied–Head of Marketing & Sales, D-MAX Pickup Division Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. Muhammad Kuli Khan Khattak –DCEO Ghandhara Industries Limited, Dr. Muhammad Imran –Group Head Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Muhamid Jamal Ansari- Head Consumer Finance Islamic Banking From Right to Left (Standing) Mr. Umair Saleem- Deputy Manager Marketing & Sales Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. Talha Zaidi – Manager Finance Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. S. Nabeel Ahmed – Head Autos, Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Farrukh Ahmed – RSM South Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking

From Right to Left (Sitting) Imran Rashied–Head of Marketing & Sales, D-MAX Pickup Division Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. Muhammad Kuli Khan Khattak –DCEO Ghandhara Industries Limited, Dr. Muhammad Imran –Group Head Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Muhamid Jamal Ansari- Head Consumer Finance Islamic Banking
From Right to Left (Standing) Mr. Umair Saleem- Deputy Manager Marketing & Sales Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. Talha Zaidi – Manager Finance Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. S. Nabeel Ahmed – Head Autos, Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Farrukh Ahmed – RSM South Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking

Under this MoU, Bank Alfalah Islamic and Ghandhara Industries Limited have agreed on a joint campaign to promote “Isuzu D-Max Pickup variants” through Bank Alfalah Islamic’s Auto Finance product.

Mr. Muhammad Kuli Khan Khattak –Deputy CEO, while highlighting the unique features of the vehicle, said that “D-Max is armed with a horde of additional safety features: emergency brake assist, traction control system, electronic stability control, hill start assist & hill descent control. It has an action packed machine contrived by the headiest brains for a top-notch altitude of Competence and Resilience. Isuzu D-Max offers a range of tough, resilient & comfortable vehicles ready for any conditional driving encounters.”

Dr. Muhammad Imran –Group Head, Bank Alfalah -Islamic Banking Division said “Bank Alfalah Islamic welcomes Ghandhara Industries D max variants in Pakistan’s Automotive Industry. The alliance between both parties will boost a healthy competition in the market. Through this partnership, we will be providing attractive financing package exclusively for D-Max variants including benefits such as early vehicles delivery as well as free initial services.”

The signing ceremony took place at Bank Alfalah Head Office, Islamic Banking Division – I.I Chundrigar Road, Karachi.

Dr. Muhammad Imran –Group Head Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Muhamid Jamal Ansari- Head Consumer Finance Islamic Banking, Mr. S. Nabeel Ahmed – Head Autos, Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking, Mr. Muhammad Kuli Khan Khattak –DCEO Ghandhara Industries Limited, Mr. Imran Rashied –Head of Marketing & Sales, D-MAX Pickup Division Ghandhara Industries Limited attended the ceremony with their respective teams. MOU has been signed by Dr. Muhammad Imran –Group Head Bank Alfalah Islamic Banking Division & Mr. Muhammad Kuli Khan Khattak –DCEO Ghandhara Industries Limited.

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Pakistani telecom company Ufone becomes part of “Tobacco-Smoke Free Islamabad”

Friday, April 26, 2019

Ufone Tower is now among the 216 Tobacco-Smoke free public spaces in the capital. The Pakistani telecom company joined the initiative which is the brain child of the Federal Ministry of Health.

Dr. Nausheen Hamid, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of National Health Services; Regulations & Coordination professed Ufone tower a tobacco-smoke free facility in a ceremony held here today. A letter of Intent was also signed between the Ministry and Ufone regarding the initiative. Speaking on the occasion Dr. Nausheen Hamid said, “The Government attaches highest priority to health sector of the country and is working on National Cancer Control Plan for which control of tobacco use is the most effective prevention strategy”.

Ufone Smoke Free Facility

Chief Officer Legal and Regulatory Affairs Ufone, Naveed Khalid Butt eulogized the efforts of Federal Government towards prevention of health hazards especially related to control of Cancers and other life style related diseases. “We as a leading Pakistani company and a responsible corporate organization are honoured to be part of an initiative that places public health at the forefront by making work places tobacco-smoke free”, he said.

Dr. Minhaj us Siraj, Project Director, Tobacco Smoke free Islamabad and Deputy DG Health, while speaking at the ceremony to announce Ufone Tower a smoke free facility, discussed the ill-effects of tobacco use as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, in line with theme of World Health Organization (WHO) i.e. Tobacco; a threat to Development. He emphasized on the development goals related to poverty, health, child education, gender equity, climate, life under the water, Peace and justice; being damaged due to tobacco industry.

He highlighted the role of awareness among population for implementing the tobacco control Laws and how the preventive measures protect the health and environment.

A third party evaluation report, regarding Licensing of Tobacco Vendors through the campaign on making Islamabad a Smoke free zone, was launched in a local hotel last week. Smoke Free Capital Project, Ministry of National Health Services; Regulations & Coordination will be completing the licensing of tobacco vendor by “World No Tobacco Day” 31st May, this year.

Tobacco use is a major cause of non-communicable diseases which include fifteen types of cancers. 160,000 Pakistan die every year due to illness caused by the use of tobacco products. In Pakistan over 20 million population smokes tobacco which include children and women.

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LG Kicks Off Global Rollout of 2019 TV Lineup

Friday, April 19, 2019

New OLED TVs with Deep Learning Technology Boosts Company’s Premium TV Leadership

Karachi / SEOUL, April 19, 2019: LG Electronics (LG) announced that its 2019 premium TV lineup featuring advanced OLED and NanoCell TVs will begin rolling out. This year, OLED models will make up 20 percent of the company’s high-end TV portfolio and with demand for OLED TVs expected to grow to 3.6 million units this year, 7 million units in 2020 and 10 million in 2021, LG expects to extend its leadership in the premium TV segment. Customers in South Korea and the United States will be the first to be able to take home a 2019 LG TV starting this month with availability in key markets of Asia, Europe and South America to follow soon thereafter. Specific pricing and model availability dates in each region will be announced separately.

LG Kicks Off Global Rollout of 2019 TV Lineup 2

LG Kicks Off Global Rollout of 2019 TV Lineup 3

Featuring a wider range of screen sizes up to 86 inches, this year’s OLED and NanoCell LCD TVs from LG will offer upgraded AI picture and sound quality thanks to the company’s advanced second generation α (Alpha) 9 Gen 2 intelligent processor and deep learning technology. New LG TVs will receive an upgrade mid-year to support Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit for easy streaming of video and audio content and connectivity to Apple’s smart home products. 2019 LG TV owners can also expect to receive a firmware update that will add Amazon Alexa support to complement Google Assistant which is included out of the box, making LG the only TV brand to provide support for both leading AI platforms without the need for additional hardware.

The α9 Gen 2 processor in LG’s W, E and C series of OLED TVs elevates picture and sound quality with deep learning technology and access to an extensive database of visual information. This allows the processor to optimize the images by recognizing source quality and implementing the best algorithm to display a stunningly real image. The processor also analyzes ambient conditions to achieve the optimal level of screen brightness.

LG’s 2019 home entertainment lineup is led by its industry leading OLED TVs in a variety of screen sizes: W9 (model 77/65W9), E9 (model 65/55E9), C9 (model 77/65/55C9) and B9 (model 65/55B9). The world’s first 8K OLED TV (model 88Z9) expands LG’s premium TV portfolio while NanoCell, the company’s most advanced LED TV offering, will deliver stellar picture quality, vibrant images, accurate colors and wider viewing angles all in a sleek package with ultra-thin bezels and in more large-screen options this year than ever before. Select 2019 OLED and NanoCell models support HDMI 2.1 for the viewing of 4K content at a fast 120 frames per second as well as offering 4K high frame rate (4K HFR), automatic low latency mode (ALLM), variable refresh rate (VRR) and enhanced audio return channel (eARC).

Moreover, 2019 TVs from LG intelligently adjust content compatible with Dolby Vision to ensure an outstanding HDR experience, even in brightly lit conditions. The α9 Gen 2 also fine-tunes audio according to content type, making movie and TV dialogue easier to understand and delivering crisp, clear vocals in songs. While the AI can adjust audio settings to ideal levels based on the environment, users can also make manual adjustments if they wish. LG’s flagship TVs again feature Dolby Vision for an outstanding HDR experience and Dolby Atmos for realistic, immersive audio.

LG’s NanoCell range for 2019 comprises fourteen AI-enabled models, available in sizes varying from 49 to 86 inches.* Other LG TV models in the lineup for this year include the 8K OLED TV (model 88Z9) and the one-of-a-kind rollable LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) which wowed audiences at CES earlier this year.

“LG continues to push the boundaries of TV technological innovation, as can clearly be seen from our premium TV lineup for 2019,” said Brian Kwon, president of Mobile Communications and Home Entertainment companies. “LG’s advanced AI technologies to improve picture and sound enrich and expand the viewing experience.”

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