A NEW ADDITION TO APR’S CLIENTELE: Mobilink Microfinance Bank Ltd

They say experience is what enhances your reputation. We believe our agency is a living example of this. Based on our vast experience and reputation, we have been selected by the Islamabad headquartered Mobilink Microfinance Bank as its PR agency. The Bank itself is a giant in the microfinance sector in Pakistan.

We are humbled by the trust placed in us to provide a range of public relations services to them. Our continuing relationship will include providing strategic direction, image building, and thought leadership.

Mobilink Microfinance Bank is one of the largest digital microfinance banks in Pakistan. It provides financial solutions to small-medium businesses across the nation. MMBL has been recognized as ‘Digital Microfinance Bank of the Year’ by CFA Society Pakistan in 2020. It is the only microfinance bank that was recognized by PACRA recently, as maintaining a ‘Stable Outlook’ and additionally, was not listed on the agency’s Watchlist. MMBL was also a semi-finalist in the European Microfinance Awards. Further, the Institute of Bankers Pakistan has recognized MMBL as the ‘Bank of the Unbanked’ in recent years.