Accu-Chek, Wasim Akram take another step to promote Healthy Living with Diabetes

Karachi,– Accu-Chek and the legendary Wasim Akram continued their efforts to raise awareness of Diabetes in Karachi as they intensified their pursuit to educate the masses about how to live better and healthier by disciplining their lifestyle. The message that was being conveyed was that people can live an active life with Diabetes if they keep their blood glucose level within normal range by taking healthy diet, moderate physical activity and regular medication.

As a part of their efforts revolving around the World Diabetes Day (WDD), the Accu-Chek team and Akram were present at Dolmen Mall,to spread awareness about maintaing healthly lifestyle to keep the diabetes in control. Addressing the public at the event, Akram said: “I’ve accepted Diabetes like a challenge, and I have been fitter than ever before. And I can proudly say I’m not controlled by Diabetes, rather I control Diabetes.’’

Akram has been suffering from Diabetes since age of 29 and has become a global ambassador for the fight against Diabetes. He joined hands with Accu-Chek Pakistan as brand ambassador in 2001 and ever since working relentlesslyto raise awareness and education of diabetes.

At the Accu-Chek activity area at Dolmen Mall, a health check centre was established where people got the opportunity of health consultations by doctors, and get tips on healthy physical activitiy from renowned expert Dr. Mubashira along with a dietician. They were also educated about how it is important to keep a check on their blood glucoselevel To maintain healthy lifestyle and avoid complications of diabetes. Akram graced the event where he talked to the public and the present media about his pursuit against Diabetes.

He said, “The key to fight against Diabetes is to educate yourself, and about how you can control and prevent it. Getting Diabetes isn’t like the end of the world. With the right information and routine, one can easily keep it under control and live a healthy life.”

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The onset of this activity began with a warm welcome for Akram by the spectators and the Brand Managers of Accu-Chek, and later on Akram did the “WEAR THE BLUE CIRCLE PIN” ceremony in support of diabetes awareness by pinning up the WDD ring on three young kids, while his Blue-pin was pinned by the company Country Head, Mr. Sohail A.Malik. The talk was followed by pictures and conversations with Akram as he imparted his wisdom.

On the occasion, Mr. Malik said, “Accu-Chek is synonym to premium quality sugar testing. We are doing all of this today to transform patients’ lives, and look beyond tomorrow to tackle the world’s most formidable healthcare challenges.”

Accu-Chek Product Manager, Sahar Saeed said, “Accu Chek is hallmark of quality and accuracy and Innovation being the trademark of Roche – we offer a wide range of blood glucose monitoring system catering to different needs of people.”

Accu-Chek Senior Product manager Wajid Siddiqui added, “AccuChek is the pioneer in the development of blood glucose meter and has been the world market leader with millions of satisfied customers around the globe. Accu Check offers people with diabetes and healthcare professionals innovative products and solutions for effective diabetes management.

Accu-Chek is a blood glucose monitoring device by Roche. As a research-focused healthcare company, Roche discovers, develops and provides innovative diagnostic and therapeutic products and services that deliver significant benefits to patients and healthcare professionals. They have a workforce of over 80,000 people working together across more than 150 countries, encouraging each other to always strive to improve the lives of those around them. Roche Diabetes Care (RDC) develops and commercializes blood glucose monitoring systems that enable people with Diabetes to manage their condition more effectively.

RDC not only offers individual product innovations but integrated Diabetes management solutions meeting the everyday needs of our customers for an optimized therapy management.