Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad

Coca-Cola Book Bank Activity

The activity was first launched at Karachi Literature Festival 2015. Old glass-fronted visi-coolers of Coke were converted into Book Banks. People were invited to donate text books or any other books they no longer need. Each donor was rewarded with complimentary Coke in exchange of books and a certificate of appreciation Read More

Arsenal-Emirates Activity – Video for Pakistani Arsenal Fans

The big idea was to develop a video message recorded by Arsenal directly addressing the Pakistani fans. Social media platforms in Pakistan were used to launch the video in order to achieve maximum outreach online. The objective was to promote Emirates’ association with Arsenal and sports in general and to create excitement and buzz in the Pakistani Arsenal fans. Read More


Bloggers Meet-up – Crazy for Good – The Coca-Cola Export Corporation

This meet-up was organized to create hype for the Crazy for Good campaign, launched in 2013 by The Coca-Cola Export Corporation. Some prominent elements of this meet-up were Read More

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