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APR has been producing corporate documentaries and other audio-visual collateral since 2003.Our clients have included national and multinational companies, NGOs, government agencies, international institutions like the UNDP and others.

While video / film production agencies also produce documentaries, we believe we have a clear edge over them for one simple reason. A documentary at the end of the day is a communication with specific objectives. While it is important for a documentary to have great filming and slick editing, a visually appealing video will at best remain just that – a visually appealing video, if it does not persuasively communicate key messaging to the target audience.

As a leading communications and public relations agency, we are specialists who ensure that all documentaries we produce are both technically perfect and successful in effective communication. For our projects we have partnered with various production houses and at times also taken on freelance directors and crews to work with us. Our leading strategic partner is a highly experienced audio-visual production company, IJ Films.

We produce documentaries and a range of other audio-visual communications on a turnkey basis, starting from concept development and script writing to the filming, editing and post production. We have filmed all across Pakistan from the Gawadar coastline to Lake Saiful Mulk at 3224 meters height in the northern mountains of Kaghan. Several projects have also been executed for clients in Afghanistan, with extensive filming in that country too being done.

Over the years we have produced over 30 international standard corporate documentaries, induction videos for new employees, several television commercials, film and animation based public service messages for radio and for television and even VNRs (video news releases).

We believe documentaries and other audio-visual productions are an invaluable communication tool, which offers high flexibility of usage. As controlled and powerfully expressed messaging, these can be used in presentations in conferences, uploading on website and social media, airing on television, as a component of a press kit, for direct mailing to target audiences and a variety of other applications.

For a show-reel of our productions and further information, please contact us at info@apr.com.pk, with Audio-visual productions-APR in the subject heading.

Some of the many audio-visuals produced by APR include:

  1. APR, Introduction to corporate documentaries
  2. Behbud Society – TVCs
  3. Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Limited (CCBPL) – corporate documentary
  4. CCBPL – Women at Work
  5. DHL – DRT Project
  6. English Biscuit Manufacturers (EBM) – collage video
  7. EBM – video for schools
  8. EBM – schools activity
  9. FMIC – corporate documentary
  10. Fauji Fertilizer – corporate documentary
  11. Faysal Bank – induction video
  12. French Medical Institute for Children, Afghanistan – TVCs
  13. Habib Bank – AKFED
  14. Habib Bank Ltd. – Induction /motivational video
  15. Habib Bank Ltd. – Presentation to World Bank
  16. Hub Power Company Ltd. (HUBCO) – corporate documentary
  17. Hilton Pharma – Roshni Say Zindagi – corporate documentary
  18. Kot Addu Power Company (KAPCO) – corporate documentary
  19. Khushhali Bank – corporate video documentary
  20. ‘Kolachi to Karachi’ – the story of Karachi, for Senator Nisar Memon
  21. Nestle Fruita Vital
  22. Paktel – TVCs
  23. PRIDE Project (US AID funded) – earthquake reconstruction work documentary
  24. PPAF documentary
  25. Roshan Telecom, Afghanistan – M-Paisa project documentary
  26. Roshan – Telemedicine project documentary (CSR)
  27. Roshan Telecom, Afghanistan – The Story of Roshan, corporate documentary
  28. The Coca-Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC) – CSR documentary
  29. TetraPak Green Earth documentary
  30. UNDP – Earthquake relief work documentary
  31. VISA – Currency of Progress Pakistan
  32. VISA – Infomercials (Multi language TVCs)


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