At the company’s Annual Retreat in September 2017, in an open discussion session, Asiatics discussed how we as a group of work colleagues, and as a Company, can make a positive difference to society. Supporting education for less-privileged children from low-income families was decided as the mission to be taken up. The Citizens Foundation (TCF), an education NPO with an impeccable reputation and an admirable track record of operating schools for less-privileged children throughout the country, was chosen as the organization we will support. It was proposed that for every one TCF child sponsored by an Asiatic for a year, the Company will match the support and sponsor another child. Several Asiatics came forward to volunteer support and with the matching by the Company, we adopted one full class of 32 children for a year at a TCF School in Karachi.    

Since that start in 2017, APR has renewed the class sponsorship year after year, and this year too the class adoption was renewed for the 4th consecutive year. Interestingly, this year the individual sponsors include 2 ex-Asiatics – 2 colleagues who were among the sponsors in previous years but who are no longer in APR since the last sponsorship. Yet they came forward this year too and joined the sponsors group. So very heartening to see that their belief in doing this good remains resolute.

The purpose of this post is to simply deliver the message that each one of us can make a positive difference if we really wish to. The scale is not really important, as each must do what one can within one’s capability and limitations. What is important is to do something – anything.          

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