Spotify Wrapped 2022

  • Client Spotify
  • Category Event Management Case Study


  1. Spotify’s Wrapped 2022 returned for the 8th year (2nd year in Pakistan) as its largest annual global brand campaign
  2. The aim was to make Wrapped the most anticipated, celebrated, memorable and playful moment of the year for creators and Gen Z listeners
  3. As a celebration and extension of Spotify Wrapped 2022, Pakistan hosted an in-person event tied to the brand campaign for respective media, VIPs and influencers


Connect deeper with Gen Z for building long-term engagement and brand love.


  1. Set the stage for two-way platform
  2. Diversify success metrics
  3. Pursue in-depth storytelling


  1. Leverage the in-person event to connect even deeper with key Gen Z influencers and press, bringing Wrapped to life in an entirely new way
  2. Focus on key message pull through with priority outlets by amplifying the narrative to set the stage for the future of the platform
  3. Ensure reaching priority audiences by showing up on press social handles (in addition to influencer content)
  4. Utilize Spotify spokespeople to tell an in-depth story that span key narratives for Spotify in 2022 as well as stories about Wrapped’s impact across culture, artists and audio altogether


  1. Creating a Gen-Z vibe for the event was of the utmost importance and so thorough research and planning was required
  2. It was exciting to see the attention that this event garnered soon after the invites were sent out to a total of 150 invitees. The RSVPs that received till the morning of the event’s day had reached to a total of 175 and had exceeded the original number, thus immediate preparations were made to host and accommodate that number of guests at the venue

Scope of Work

  1. Complete event management from conceptualization to planning and execution
    • Detailed planning including, theme selection, venue selection and set-up, event flow, MC, food and music
    • Vendors’ selection and management throughout the project, designing of all branding elements at the event and other event collateral
    • Security, registration and celebrity management
  2. Strategic writing including press releases, speeches, media briefing documents etc.
  3. Full event photography and videography
  4. Media management on the day
  5. PR outreach through broadcast, print, and social media


  1. The event was hosted in Karachi, at District 19, a hotspot for gatherings and socializing in the city that has a Gen-Z vibe and is relevant to Spotify’s image as a young, hip and cool brand
  2. Selected influencers, artists, labels and other stakeholders were in attendance, along with top tier consumer press from outlets including, DAWN, Express Tribune and The News
  3. LIVE performances by DJ Layla, Khatra Music and Talal Qureshi
  4. Speech by Spotify’s Managing Director for the region
  5. Several on-site activations inspired by cultural trends to bring Wrapped 2022 experience to life for attendees, including, Glow Paint Art Station, Wrapped inspired Selfie Booth and Photo Booth, Merch Store and themed food menu with elements of Wrapped 2022
  6. A post-event press alert was sent out to digital and print media and a video news release to the electronic media
  7. Event pictures were sent to lifestyle and entertainment publishers for online and print coverage


  • Total Reach:                                                                            76,741,143
  • Total Hits on Social Platforms (event coverage):                          472
  • Total Press Releases Hits (including TV coverage):                        17
  • Total TV Appearances:                                                                           03
  • Speaking opportunities:                                                                        01


Wrapped 2022 Event - Guests Testimonials

“It was a wonderful evening with a mix of celebrities in attendance, and the guests seemed to have a great time. We had a lot of fun too while also enjoying the scrumptious dinner and chilly weather. Kudos to Spotify Team for arranging such a well-organized event,” – Erum Noor, Editor YOU Magazine, The News

“The event was great and beautifully executed from the minute I walked in. Decor was great and it really felt as if we were indeed a part of a celebration. Food was amazing and the team did a great job,”Hira Haq, Hub Manager, District 19

“The Spotify Wrapped event was a delight to be at. Listening to Claudius Boller was a testament that companies around the world are noticing the potential in Pakistan. From the music to the overall vibe of the event, everything was perfect. Can’t wait for more fun events from Spotify!”Hamna Farrukh, Sub-Editor, BrandSynario