Conceptualization, Planning & Execution

  • Client Microfinance Summit
  • Category Event Management


  • APR was taken on board by the PMN / PPAF for conceptualizing, planning and executing the first ever Financial Inclusion Conference
  • The 3-day Conference was managed from start to end

Principal Tasks Performed (Pre-event Phase):

A.Event Planning
B.Creative Design Work
C.Strategic Writing
D.Proposals Preparation
E.Coordination with PMN/PPAF
F.Website development
G.Coordination with Vendors
H.Collateral Production

Principal Task Performed

  • Set-up
  • Registration
  • Protocol
  • Management (Event, Emcee and Break-away Sessions)


  • Wrap up of set up.
  • Handing over to PMN of all left over materials
  • Preparation of Final Report and Certificates for Ushers
  • Protocol for one overseas delegate (others declined this service)
  • Preparation of Final Event Report