Rain Media Roundtable

  • Client Rain
  • Category Media Advocacy & Media Roundtable Event Management


Rain Financial Inc., is the first licensed crypto exchange based in Bahrain, with presence across Middle East, North Africa, Pakistan and Turkey.

It was now seeking an operating license in Pakistan and wished to create credible awareness about itself with important stakeholders through media advocacy as a key communications outreach tool.


  1. Educate the financial and business media about cryptocurrency and address their misperceptions.
  2. Encourage media to write positive news stories, as a means of advocacy to reach policy formers, decision makers and other audiences
  3. Work to secure operating license in Pakistan.


APR was engaged by Rain to:

  1. Plan, organize and manage a roundtable event for engaging with the media
  2. Invite targeted finance and business journalists for a briefing and an open discussion with a view to getting strong media coverage

Scope of Work

The services APR enacted to pursue this strategy included:

  1. Making target media lists
  2. Inviting the media
  3. Booking the venues
  4. Venue arrangements
  5. Supervision
  6. Supporting client in preparation of presentations to be given
  7. Developing Q&A document
  8. Follow up with the media for attendance
  9. Media engagement at the roundtable
  10. Follow up for coverage


  1. Top tier media were in attendance, from outlets including, DAWN, Express Tribune, The News, Business Recorder and Jang
  2. Event press release appeared in 26 print and online publications (including Dawn, Express Tribune, The News, Business Recorder, Pro Pakistani and Phone World)