Coca-Cola Pakistan expands support to environment and women empowerment

Karachi , August 20, 2015: In 2008 The Coca-Cola Foundation gave a grant of U.S.$ 230,000 to WWF-Pakistan to launch a comprehensive project for sub-watershed management in and around Ayubia National Park in the Murree Hills area. Since then the Foundation has further funded the project every year, and till June this year, the total funding provided to the project over 7 years has exceeded U.S.$ 886,000. As a result this environmental project has resulted in substantial and sustainable benefits accruing.

Now The Coca-Cola Foundation has approved a further grant of U.S.$ 90,500 for the year 2015-16, making this possibly the longest running corporate funded environmental project in the country. This is a testimony to the success of Coca-Cola & WWF’s efforts to protect the watershed and promote environmental conservation, resulting in a measurable difference in the ecosystem of project areas, and in local communities benefiting directly.

The Coca-Cola Foundation has also approved a further grant of U.S.$ 100,000.00 to the Kashf Foundation for an ongoing women empowerment programme which was started off 3 years ago. Over 3,350 women have so far been empowered to establish small business and create livelihoods for themselves and their families. Previously The Coca-Cola Foundation has already given grants totally U.S.$ 380,000 to Kashf Foundation.

The noteworthy factor of both the fresh grants made by Coca-Cola is that funding has been provided to projects that make a measurable positive impact and result in long-term sustainable benefits. The approach is therefore not to provide temporary relief, but to create infrastructure and opportunities that will continue to provide life-changing socio-economic uplift to the beneficiaries and local communities even when corporate funding is no longer available.