Creative Content is a Business Imperative

Content refers to any piece of information be it video, audio, writing or a combination of two or more shared with the target audience through traditional media, electronic media, social/digital media, etc. With the help of well-executed content, a business can enhance brand recognition and position itself as an industry leader.

But what is good content?

Content is only labelled ‘good’ if it grabs the reader’s or viewer’s (in case of visual content) attention. However, in today’s fast-moving world good content has about 10-15 secs to engage a reader. An overwhelming thought, isn’t it? A great way to produce good content is by making it creative. Creative content can not only capture the reader’s attention but also connect with the audience and inspire action. It is the secret sauce that can make or break the communication strategy of any business.

Apart from the power of persuasion, creative content can also help build trust because it is designed to form an emotional connection with the audience. As communication specialists, we know that words pack tremendous power and are used to carry out the message to the reader. Therefore, businesses use creative content to encourage and inspire their audiences.

If developed properly creative content can play a powerful role in creating the desired impact. To do so businesses must develop their content keeping the mission and the target audience in mind. This will enable them to align what message they want to deliver; why they want to deliver it and how is it going to be delivered. With the right amount of creativity, businesses can breathe life into their content and ultimately spark curiosity about their brand or product/services.

We’ve all heard that creativity is thinking out of the box. In communication, creativity is building a unique connection. To make their message pop-up businesses must use power-packed keywords to create an experience rather than fill a page with meaningless phrases. Businesses need to realize that content is just a bunch of words if it is not pulling the reader’s heartstrings and appealing to the mind as well. In other words, creative content must be a good mix of rational and emotional values. Companies must therefore harness the power of these words to build their brand and establish trust, and become more visible to their audiences.

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Maleeha has over 4 years of experience producing content across a wide variety of platforms and genres. She graduated with a Masters in International Relations from COMSATS University Islamabad in 2021.She is also currently the editor of APR’s weekly in-house e-newsletter, Atlasta Weekly.She enjoys swimming, travelling and supporting mental health causes, and exploring new restaurants.

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