Consumers Can Experience the Compelling UX Features of LG’s Latest Flagship Device

Karachi / SEOUL, Sep. 12, 2013 — LG Electronics (LG) is giving consumers the opportunity to experience the best features of its newest premium smartphone. By downloading and installing the G2 Emulator on any Android mobile device, interested individuals can try out the six best user experience (UX) features offered on the LG G2, the company’s latest flagship smartphone.

“We wanted consumers to experience the features of LG G2 before making a decision if the device is right for them,” said Jong-hoon Kim, senior vice president, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company. “We’ve moved beyond the stage of evaluating smartphones just by hardware specs alone. It’s now all about the user experience and it just made sense to use technology to demonstrate technology.”

The G2 Emulator provides simulations to show users how to operate each major UX feature. Through an easy step-by-step tutorial, users can find out the practical benefits that the LG G2 provides. The features demonstrated in the application include:

  • KnockON turns the screen on and off with two taps;
  • Guest Mode protects the owner’s privacy by displaying only pre-selected apps when guests access the phone via a secondary unlock pattern;
  • Capture Plus allows the saving of an entire page in one image, even if the page scrolls outside the visible screen;
  • Slide Aside allows for multitasking by moving open apps to the side with a three-finger swipe;
  • QuickMemo instantly captures any screen image to add comments and messages or to share the personalized message with others;
  • Clip Tray copies, stores and pastes up to 20 items, such as full web pages, to a PC-like clip tray.
  • The G2 Emulator is available for all Android smartphones at the LG Mobile website (www.lg.com/global/g2) or Google Play.