Fatima Fertilizer’s #SalamKissan initiative receives international accolade at the Asian Experience Awards 2023

APR is proud to have supported its client vigorously for the success of this campaign

‘Salam Kissan’ serves as the flagship initiative of Fatima Fertilizer, a long-standing client of Asiatic Public Relations Network (apr). The initiative aims to illuminate the indispensable role played by Pakistani farmers in safeguarding our nation’s economy and national food security. Perhaps the most commendable feat achieved within this initiative is the proposal to designate December 18th as the official “Kissan Day” in Pakistan, a day of tribute to the unwavering courage and resilience exhibited by Pakistani farmers.

In recognition of the untiring efforts of the ‘Salam Kissan’ initiative during the year 2022, to elevate the social standing and motivation of Pakistani farmers, it has recently been bestowed with the prestigious “Digital Experience of the Year for Pakistan” award at the 2023 Asian Experience Awards. This distinguished honor was conferred during a special ceremony held in the vibrant city of Singapore.

#TeamAPR played a pivotal role in planning and executing multiple campaigns throughout 2022 under the Salam Kissan umbrella. Some of the noteworthy campaigns included a collaboration with the Express Media Group to host a webinar on National Food Security as part of Kissan Day 2022 celebrations, strategic partnerships with popular social media platforms including TCM Originals and Daily Pakistan to spotlight the opinions and expectations of the farmer community, promoting agri-tech innovations by Sarsabz to empower the farmers with modern technology and information to help increase their crop yield and protect the national food security, strategic news stories and articles published in digital and traditional print publications to create media advocacy in favor of resolving farmer related challenges and promoting their progress and prosperity, and lastly, forging strategic alliances with prominent influencers across major social media platforms to amplify Salam Kissan’s campaign reach and engagement.

A resounding appreciation goes out to the entire #TeamAPR for achieving this triumphant achievement on the global stage.

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