LG, Google agree to promote OLED TV

Karachi, 06 July 2015 – LG Electronics and Google agreed to launch a joint marketing campaign to promote organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs.

LG said it will expand global sales of its OLED TVs, and build its brand by targeting high-end global consumers. It said it aims at securing 100 million customers for the premium TVs, without giving a timetable for the target.

LG will use Google’s various tools such as its search engine and video-sharing platform YouTube in order to raise market awareness of the OLED products.

“We will have potential customers realize the true value of premium TV products,” said LG Electronics Vice President Kim Ki-wan.

LG expects to offer a different business model for its OLED TVs by creating a synergy effect with Google’s innovative brand image.

“Google has been helping marketers have efficient communication with their consumers through advertisements products and marketing,” said John Lee, country director of Google Korea. “We will make further efforts to work with global companies like LG to help them promote their products globally through our digital platform.” Lee added.