Hutchison Ports Pakistan sets national vessel handling record for third time this year

Karachi, September 06, 2017 – Hutchison Ports Pakistan, the country’s first deep-water container terminal, sets national vessel handling record for third time this year, handling 1,953 moves in just 11 hours on the 8,562 TEU vessel Hyundai Global / 063E.

The terminal operator broke its own previous record of 3,191 moves in just over 23 hours, achieved on the 8,600 TEU vessel Hyundai Splendour / 047E. In less than 5 months, since starting test operations on 9th December 2016, Hutchison Ports Pakistan has now thrice broken the productivity record.

During the vessel’s stay at the facility, the Terminal achieved a Vessel Operating Rate (VOR) of 181.15 container moves per hour (previous record was 140.18) and a Gross Crane Rate (GCR) of 31.05. During the call, a total of 2,503 TEUs were handled.

“When we commenced operations at the terminal, we set out with a very high benchmark for ourselves,” said CEO Captain Rashid Jamil. “With every record, we continue to raise the bar and aim to achieve higher goals in the future.”