Jubilee Life teams up once again with Charter for Compassion Pakistan for ‘Collaborative Libraries’

Karachi, April 24, 2018 – Jubilee Life, Pakistan’s leading life insurance provider, has once again partnered with Charter for Compassion (CfC) for their ‘Collaborative Libraries’ project for the academic year May 2018 – May 2019. Jubilee Life’s collaboration with CfC began in 2016 and has facilitated setting up school libraries across various areas of Karachi.

E. Jubilee Life

With over 400 schools participating and a reach of over 50,000 youth and adults, the purpose of the Collaborative Libraries project is to create a bridge between the privileged and underprivileged schools of Karachi. This association intends to spark interactions that stimulate conversations and activities focused on nurturing peace and compassion amongst these children. The initiative simultaneously endeavors to revive the concept of habitual reading thereby combating the academic downfall prevailing in our communities.

Jubilee Life will support CfC in organizing annual Compassionate Book Drives, arranging visits to the libraries, participating in dramatic readings and compiling and sharing educational material. Along with the books being provided by the privileged schools, CfC also undertakes the responsibility to provide furniture, computer systems for students to view educational videos, solar powered lights and other electrical fixtures, added flooring etc. to the adoptee school.

To make the partnership meaningful, Jubilee Life’s employees will personally engage with the students at the sponsored schools by providing mentorship and guidance through various CfC initiatives like the ‘Compassionate Talks’ and the ‘Big Sister & Big Brother Program’.

Speaking about the partnership, Javed Ahmed, MD and CEO, Jubilee Life said, “We are pleased to be supporting this wonderful initiative from CfC. Youth is especially vulnerable to prevalent intolerances and widespread prejudices in any society. Books and reading can become a gateway to a more open-minded world arming young children with a capacity to think for themselves. I am humbled that we have been entrusted with the responsibility of tutoring and mentoring the students in these underprivileged schools and I can only hope that we will be able to empower them to become active, responsible and compassionate citizens in their respective communities.”

President of Charter for Compassion Pakistan (CfC), Mr. Amin Hashwani, said, “Our Collaborative Libraries, supported by companies like Jubilee Life Insurance aim to create a completely transformative environment where children can look forward to spending time in the library. We believe that it is imperative for educated and experienced citizens of Pakistan to step as role models and mentor these children. CfC Pakistan wishes to create libraries in 100 Schools of Karachi by 2020.”

CfC was launched in February 2011 as a local initiative inspired by the Charter for Compassion International, a global program by a multi-faith, multi-national council of thinkers and leaders led by Karen Armstrong, a celebrated author. CfC aims to create a vibrant, peaceful, and compassionate society through the creation of innovative programs, education, and training on compassionate thought and action.

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