Karoron Ka 10 Offer, ZONG transforms an individual’s life by awarding 10 million

Islamabad, November 23, 2012: ZONG, the fastest growing network of Pakistan, has turned around life of an individual by awarding him the prize money of Rs. 10 million under its Karoron ka 10 Offer. The campaign launched recently was open for all prepaid subscribers of ZONG and anyone spending Rs. 10 plus tax daily on their ZONG connections for minimum 5 days continuously, automatically became eligible for the lucky draw. This prize money is just one of the several rewards that ZONG is giving away to the lucky winners of this campaign.

Karoron ka 10 Offer campaign was carried out for more than a month and several prizes worth millions of rupees have been given away to winners selected through lucky draw. Subscribers who wished to have the chance of winning Rs. 10 million were required to use Rs. 10 plus tax daily for 15 continuous days and 1 lucky winner has been selected among all participants through a lucky draw. The lucky winner is a resident of Lahore and is very excited about this life changing experience.
Speaking about the campaign winner said, “I could have never imagined winning this kind of money so easily. It’s like one of your craziest fantasies coming true. I am pleasantly surprised and extremely grateful to ZONG for turning my life around. This is a huge amount for me and now I am looking forward to spend the money!”

Director Sales and Distribution of ZONG Mr. Naveed Zafar said, “We are delighted to share our achievements with our customers and stakeholders. We are thankful to all our subscribers for placing their trust in us and for making us what we are today. It’s their trust which gives us the motivation to continuously strive for excellence. For this reason we decided to reward them and this is just the beginning as we have plenty of other exciting campaigns in the pipeline.”

ZONG – the digital partner of Pakistani people has attained unprecedented success during the past few years and is always looking for ways to share its success with its valuable customers. Karoron ka 10 Offer is also part of the same ideology to reward the customers for placing their trust in ZONG.