Equipped with Inverter Direct Drive technology, LG delivers the most durable, long-lasting, stylish and quiet commercial washers in the market

Karachi / Qatar, December 08, 2014 – LG Electronics (LG) enters a new chapter in commercial laundry sys-tems by rolling out its newest offerings in commercial washing machines in Qatar. Chosen as the first coun-try in the region to implement the new range of machines, Qatari businesses are excited to embrace LG’s new commercial washing machine which is equipped with the renowned Inverter Direct Drive System providing the most reliable, efficient, intelligent and stylish new offerings in total laundry solutions to com-mercial customers across the region.

Enhanced efficiency

In alignment with Qatar’s commitment to reduce energy consumption, the increased efficiency capabilities of LG’s new commercial laundry offerings is a result of its Inverter Control and Direct Drive System working together seamlessly to use less energy and water, without compromising superior washing performance.

The first of its energy saving features that will help Qatari businesses run more effectively is the Inverter Control System which generates fewer speed fluctuations by using only the necessary amount of electricity throughout a washing cycle. This is achieved whist the washers Direct Drive System delivers power directly to the tub from the motor, minimizing energy loss, whilst its super-fast spin speed of 1,000 ~ 1,200 RPM reduces any remaining moisture (after washing) resulting in decreased drying time.

Additional efficiently-base functions include (amongst many others) an embossed inner drum which in-creases drum to fabric contact creating not only a better washing action, but added removal of dirt and stains too. The atomizing nozzle in the washing machine reduces the need for cleaning the washer and the amount of excess soap residue by spaying fresh water onto the clothes and the door, helping the machine to quickly fill and soak the clothes, whilst cleaning the door with every spay.

Stylishly intelligent

LG’s new commercial laundry offerings captivate with their modern and streamlined design, enhancing the look of any laundry space. Its stylish chrome, easy-viewing tempered glass door leaves the washer looking like new for longer and is less susceptible to breakage or scratching. Operator handling is easy and conven-ient thanks to its intuitive programming controls allowing individuals to choose from a variety of functions and programs (such as price or cycle time) ensuring that all washing requirements are met.

Businesses can tailor the machines to their needs with LG’s elegant space usage design and the flexible front design of the new washing machines. These customizable designs also include instillation flexibility in terms of washer and dryer combinations while its AdaptAble™ Controls allow for top or bottom positioning.

Optimal reliability

LG’s new washers also provide the highest level of reliability as a result of its enhanced Direct Drive systems, designed for business managers who require a powerful and durable washing machine that lasts.

By eliminating the belt and pulley found in conventional washer motors, LG’s Direct Drive system increases the motor’s stability and lessens vibrations, thanks to its triple damping system. Three dampers absorb vi-brations and provide a comfortable washing environment allowing for greater durability which in turn translates to lower maintenance costs for business managers.

Other notable features include (amongst others) its NeverRust™ stainless steel drum that helps prevent clothes from staining during the wash cycle unlike normal painted drums, where the paint tends to chip af-ter extended use. Its front access panel is constructed of strong coated steel – not plastic, to enhance relia-bility and provide an important security barrier for the coin box and vault as well as the machine control assembly. Lastly, its remarkable top-mounted dispenser also means no messy hands or fretting about deter-gent spillage over the machine.

“When designing the new line up of LG’s commercial washing machines including the Giant-C, LG kept busi-nesses in mind first,” said Mr. D. Y. Kim, President LG Electronics, Gulf FZE. “We worked tirelessly to make sure the devices were customizable to meet individual company needs and provide a superior washing ex-perience to all. Every aspect of the these machines are designed to deliver that experience – providing business with the best in washing abilities with the design that is stylish and easy to use. We have no doubt that these machines will be a huge success in Qatar and the Middle East.”