Lahore, November 05, 2012: Tetra Pak, world’s leading food processing and packaging company, has last week launched a new communication campaign to create awareness about the nutritional benefits of drinking safe and healthy juices, especially as part of the breakfast meal.

The objective of the campaign is to create consumer awareness about the value of complementing meals with a healthy beverage in convenient and safe Tetra Pak packaging. It also highlights the importance of packaged juices as a vital component of a balanced diet.

“Packaged juices have always been the product of choice for health conscious consumers who want to stay active and healthy. The six layered Tetra Pak cartons protect nutritional value of the juice without the need of any preservatives. Conveniently available from grocery stores and other retail outlets, packaged juices are the perfect dietary complement for all meals, especially breakfast which is the most important meal of the day,” remarks Kashif Bhatti, Marketing Director Tetra Pak Pakistan.

The campaign includes an engaging graffiti art competition, which offers young juice drinkers in academic institutions to win lucrative prizes. The graffiti art competition will be held in seven major cities.

In the first phase, students of art schools will paint imagery related to health, nature and happiness on giant wall-sized canvasses. In the second phase, high school students and teenagers will express their creativity by painting on life- sized Tetra Pak packages. All participating entries will be judged by celebrated art critics and winners will get exciting prizes.

Juice consumption helps provide the body with the water it needs for hydration and the energy. Juice products are made from naturally healthy and refreshing fruits and are a good source of Vitamins A and C, which help protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular diseases and other serious ailments.

In Pakistan, where the compound annual growth rate of the juice, nectar and still drinks sector exceeds 16%, more and more health conscious consumers are drinking packaged juice to supplement their healthy and natural lifestyles.