Mosquito-Killing Boards Introduced In Pakistan by Mortein

Karachi: March 27, 2017: Mortein has introduced innovative mosquito-killer boards to reduce the incidence of Dengue and other mosquito-borne diseases in Pakistan. The killer-boards are well capable of killing several species of Aedes mosquitoes every day. The initiative is in continuance to their ‘Dengue Se Paak Pakistan’ campaign aimed at reducing Dengue along with other mosquito-borne diseases across Pakistan.

In the past 6 years, Pakistan has witnessed massive outbreaks of Dengue with over 65,000 cases reported nationwide. In 2016 alone, 3,000 cases were reported in Punjab while Sindh accounted for over 2,000 cases of dengue victims. Most of the cases originated from semi-urban areas and major metropolitan cities while unplanned settlements and rural areas equally fell prey to the consequences of the disease.

Shahzeb Mahmood, CEO RB Pakistan, makers of Mortein, stated in this regard, “RB is always committed to providing innovative solutions to improve the health and hygiene situation in the country. Currently, there is high incidence of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue. These mosquito-killing billboards are yet another testament of our pledge for a dengue-free Pakistan.”

At the peak of the mosquito breeding season, the eventual aim of these boards is to create mosquito-free outdoor spaces and prevent diseases like dengue. They will also serve as a reminder for people to adopt measures to protect themselves from mosquitos.

These mosquito-killer boards attract mosquitoes as humans do: they release carbon dioxide and produce the effect similar to the smell of sweat (through lactic acid foams). The UV lights present serve as an additional attraction for the mosquitoes. As the mosquitos get attracted towards the board, they are sucked inside through exhaust fans where they eventually dehydrate and die.