After two successful Finland-Pakistan Business Summit events held in Islamabad in 2014 and 2015 it is now time to expand the event up to the Nordic Level. Over 300 participants and over 200 companies in total have joined the earlier events and the third one, now Nordic Pakistan Business Summit, will be hosted in Lahore on February 7-9, 2016.

The main function of the Business Summit is purely business. The Summit is bridging companies together for Growth, Networking and New Opportunities and in February 2016 companies from Pakistan and all Nordic countries i.e. Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland as well as Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are invited to join this massive but effective business event, the biggest ever promotion of business in Pakistan done by private companies.

“I believe both sides have the same challenge: Nordic companies don’t understand the dynamics and opportunities of the Pakistani market and Pakistani companies don’t understand the purchasing power of the common Nordic market with only 26 million people”, says Mr. WilleEerola, Chairman of the Summit.

Joining for growing business

The Nordic region has plenty of companies with products and services able to help Pakistan and Pakistani companies to develop the country; it’s industrial sectors, energy production, manufacturing, agriculture, education and healthcare.

The Nordic region represents the world top area in many areas like education, economic competitiveness, quality of life and human development but the region is also an area of 26 million people with a high purchasing power. The GDP of the Nordic region is approx. $ 43.000 per capita and all Nordic countries are among the TOP-25 countries in the world by GDP.

“This is a perfect win-win situation. Nordic region is a common economic area that Pakistani companies should really look closely: simultaneously Pakistan is a huge and developing market where we can help Nordic companies to find new business and right partners”, says Mr. WilleEerola.

Nordic knowledge and Pakistan is a perfect match

There are clearly two main bottlenecks in the development of Pakistan: clean water and energy. Both are areas where Nordic companies have so much to offer. “If only 1 per cent of waste water is treated in a market of almost 200 million people, it is obviousthat there is a strong need for the Nordic Clean Tech knowledge and companies”, says Mr. Hassan Raza, Co-Chairman of the Summit.

Summit is organized in cooperation of Finland Pakistan Business Council, Chamber Trade Sweden and Nordic Pakistan Business Council.

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Mr. WilleEerola, Chairman, Nordic Pakistan Business Summit 2016, email:, phone +358 40 5316720

Mr. Hassan Raza, Co-Chairman, Nordic Pakistan Business Summit 2016, email:, phone+92 323 5101050

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