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LG’s Front Load Washing Machines Achieve Incredible Sales Mark, Underpinned by In-novations Including the Direct Drive and 6Motion Direct Drive Technology

Seoul / Karachi: 28 August, 2012 – LG Electronics (LG) announced that it has sold more than three million units of its front load washing machines in Korea in the ten years since 2002, underscoring the company’s reputation for manufacturing quality products. The incredible sales accumulated in the Ko-rean market over the ten year period translate to LG having sold one front load washing machine every two minutes – or an astounding 820 units per day.

“It has been a decade since LG sold its first front load washing machine on the Korean market,” said Moon-bum Shin, Executive Vice President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “We believe its successful sales record in Korea can largely be attributed to LG’s innovative breakthroughs, such as our 6Motion Direct Drive technology powered by the Direct Drive. LG is always working on finding the best possible solutions to satisfy consumers.”

Since 2009, LG has incorporated 6Motion Direct Drive technology into all of its front load washing ma-chines with a capacity over 13 kilograms in the Korean market, enabling consumers to delicately, yet thoroughly wash their laundry, as though they had done it with their own hands. Also, even though the washing machines have a larger capacity, the Direct Drive enables them to achieve greater durability and energy efficiency. Moreover, the LG front load washing machines operate with reduced noise lev-els and vibration.

LG’s initial front load washing machines in the Korean market came with capacities ranging from a modest 5 to 7.5 kilograms. With great effort and engineering skills, LG is now able to produce washers that can accommodate up to 19 kilograms of laundry in a single load, roughly triple the original size within a ten year span. This impressive increase in scale has helped LG to successfully meet the needs of today’s busy Korean consumers.

Throughout its history, LG has continuously introduced innovative washing machine technologies into the market. LG developed world-first steam technology in 2005 to offer more thorough cleaning as well as allergy-care, and then in 2008 came Speed Wash, which reduced washing times and enhanced consumer convenience. In 2011, LG introduced its smart front load washing machine equipped with Smart Access, enabling washer operation to be monitored remotely via smartphone application