Pakistan Economic Forum II to be held on April 17

Karachi, April 11, 2013: The Pakistan Business Council (PBC), an apolitical think-tank cum policy advocacy forum representing 42 of Pakistan’s largest corporations/business groups, will be holding the second edition of the Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF) on April 17, 2013 at the Karachi School of Business & Leadership in Karachi. The PEF, modeled on the World Economic Forum, brings together the best available intellectual capital in the country, to debate on major issues confronting Pakistan.

The panels of the Forum, headed by their own Chairs & Co-Chairs and comprising of sector specialists, debate various issues and come up with pragmatic recommendations. These recommendations are then shared with a wider audience in the form of PBC position papers. It is expected that the quality of the recommendations and the involvement of the stakeholders will ensure that the recommendations become part of the national discourse and hopefully, form part of future policies of the new government following the general elections in May.

Sikandar Mustafa Khan, the Chairman of the PBC stated, “Like all countries, Pakistan also faces a number of issues and challenges which change in terms of gravity and character over a period of time. For the well-being and progress of the country in the 21st century, it is critical that these issues and challenges are identified, prioritized and debated annually leading to pragmatic recommendations for the decision-makers at the very highest level, and this is exactly what the Pakistan Economic Forum has been established to do.”

Each of the 6 key focus areas identified by the PEF for urgent attention is tasked to a separate Panel. The 6 Panels and their Chairs and Co-Chairs are: Education Panel – Shamsh Kassim Lakha and Abdul Razak Dawood, Energy Panel – Farooq Rahmatullah and Ali Ansari, Macroeconomic Reform Panel – Dr. Ishrat Hussain and Mohsin Nathani, Regional Trade Panel – Dr. Ijaz Nabi and Bashir Ali Mohommed Social Protection Panel – Dr. Asad Sayeed and Asif Saad and Water Panel, Sikandar Mustafa Khan and Suleman Najib Khan

PEF II will be attended by PBC members, academia, media and other stakeholders. It will generate discussion and exchange of thoughts, allowing discourse on various viewpoints that can then be taken up for further consideration and incorporation into PEF’s ongoing work.