First to offer support services in form of cleaning, storage and repairs

Karachi, August 04, 2014: e2e Supply Chain Management, Pakistan’s leading provider of end to end logistics services in collaboration with Freight Connection Pakistan- Leading terminal operator & provider of shipping services, seized a business opportunity to offer professionally run and tailor made facilities dedicated to cleaning, storage, repairs and support services for ISO tanks under the name Pakistan Terminal Operators (PTO). This is the first ever and only Certified Cleaning Station in Pakistan which has changed the dynamics of the liquid transportation industry by offering laden in ISO tanks both ways.

The founder and CEO of e2e Supply Chain Management, Mr Abid Butt said, “Initially, in Pakistan these tanks were used in a single trip as there was an absence of proper, professional cleaning and washing facilities that required a specialized cleaning technology to clear out all odors and contamination in order to be reused for transportation. Now with Pakistan Terminal Operator (PTO), it will not only reduce the cost of transporting empty tanks but will also bring efficiencies among local and international tank operators”

Mr. Khurram Niazi COO of Freight Connection Pakistan & CEO of PTO commented, “Establishing the first ITCO certified ISO tank and tanker cleaning facility in Port Qasim has helped to play a vital role in changing the dynamic of the liquid transportation industry in Pakistan.”

The tank station is designed to meet the standards for world-class performance and is equipped with the most modern techniques to minimize the environmental impact. The machinery for the cleaning station has been imported from a German Company Weidner, internationally renowned for its pressure cleaning systems. The tank cleaning station is built to serve and facilitate international tank operators as well as local bulk liquid tankers of food and chemicals.