PPAF Summer Internship Program Awards Held

A batch of 18 graduates and under-graduates studying at various universities across Pakistan were awarded certificates at the closing ceremony of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund Summer Internship Program.

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The ten-day long program enabled interns to gain insight into dynamics of the development sector with focus on PPAF working model. The Internship Program was delivered in two phases comprising of in-house training sessions and field visits. While the in-house sessions provided information on various components under which PPAF carries out development projects for marginalized communities, the field exposure provided students with on ground experience and knowledge about challenges-and opportunities, encountered by PPAF, its implementation partners and the communities themselves.

The interns visited PPAF-supported interventions in Multan, Muzaffargarh,Abbottabad and Haripur where they learnt about implementation strategies, impact and sustainability of different projects including institutional development, livelihood, education, community infrastructure and micro-credit interventions. They also met with community members who had availed these services.

Qazi Azmat Isa, CEO, PPAF appreciated the passion and commitment of young interns in making their presentation and understanding the work of PPAF being carried out across the country. He urged these young minds to continue their relationship with communities and appreciate their struggle for livelihood in difficult terrains and conditions. He also requested these interns to play their role as ambassadors of PPAF and highlight the development work and share it with other people.

Dr. Shahida Jaffrey, Educationist and Development Professional, was the guest speaker at the ceremony. She said, “Investing in youth is like creating little islands that will help in bringing change in the society”. She appreciated PPAF role in providing opportunity to youth to understand the development work and its challenges.

Development work is a challenging job and it impacts lives of the poor people. Internships are an effective method for attracting and engaging fresh talent. PPAF’s various internship programs attempt to instil the PPAF philosophy of Ishq, Ilm and Amal in young people. Other than the Summer Internship Program which is an annual activity, PPAF has conducted internship programs under the Young Professional Scheme, theFATA Internship Program and the Balochistan Internship Program.