The mass media remains the principal channel of communication to reach the largest number of people, or target audiences. And today, online and digital media has become an equally important channel of communication.

Mass media includes newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels. Online and digital media includes news sites, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and still others. The practice of PR utilizes both mediums for disseminating key messaging. –

We are constantly engaging with broadcast, print and online media personnel and maintain

APR provides a full range of media services, including:

  • Daily monitoring of 20+ print media publications that include English, Urdu & Sindhi languages daily newspapers
  • Daily monitoring of specified online news sources
  • News analysis
  • Reporting
  • Writing and dissemination for publication in the media of press releases, photo releases, articles interviews, statements, reviews and analytical write-ups
  • Arranging of interviews of clients’ spokespersons, media briefings and press conferences
  • Media training
  • Organizing media tours
  • Development of media lists and databases for specific needs and applications
  • Overall media relations