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Sprite Cricket Next (SCN) 2012, the one of its kind sporting event to foster the talent of Pakistani youth, goes bigger and better than ever before in a unique face-off between JOSH and HOSH, the two key elements of‘Gulli’ cricket. The most‘Josheela’ bowler in cricketing history, ‘Rawalpindi Express’ Shoaib Akhtar, will face one of the most ‘Hoshyaar’ wicket keepers of all time, Moin Khan, in a competition that will quench the thirst of street cricket lovers as the two cricketing giants battle for supremacy in a war between JOSH and HOSH.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Rizwan U. Khan, Coca-Cola Pakistan’s General Manager shared, “Our intent here today is to make a positive difference to cricket in Pakistan by taking a fresh, dynamic and sustainable approach to the sport by promoting and encouraging Pakistan’s potentially undiscovered cricketing heroes.

This time around, Sprite is taking the game to its origin, on the streets, where ‘Josheela’and ‘Hoshyaar’ players will compete to win a spot in either the JOSH or HOSH squad. The competition itself has many facets to it and will engage audiences on all levels, through SMS, social media, SCN’s interactive website and street presence. The entire activity will span over 6 months and will cover around 700 streets in 7 major cities across the country.

Being a brand that has always promoted being true to one’s inner self, Sprite chose Shoaib Akhtar to lead the JOSH squad since he personifies the attribute, while his counter-part Moin Khan will lead the HOSH squad.

Speaking on the occasion, Shoaib Akhtar shared, “I believe that the cricket played in the streets is the real face of Josheela cricket – you need instinct, you need to think quickly, you need heart and you need speed to succeed in this arena. What the Brand (Sprite) has done is create a phenomenon for cricket lovers. The Campaign had my support from the beginning because I believe very strongly that ‘Josheela’ cricketers need to come out and become part of a country-wide cricket scene.

Moin Khan, while sharing his views on the campaign stated, “Sprite has created a platform for cricket lovers all around Pakistan and while there is plenty of passion in our players, especially the youth, they need to have a ‘Hoshyaar’ mentality to truly succeed. I am here to ensure that our youth has that winning mentality.

Street cricketers who miss out the chance of directly participating in the campaign could still be a part of it by capturing and uploading their street cricketing moments of JOSH and HOSH via the interactive website. The Campaign kicked off on the ground starting in Lahore on June 19, 2012.