The Rise of Momfluencers

Momfluencers (short for ‘mom’ ‘influencers’) are making waves on the internet with their relatable content, heartwarming stories and parenting advice. By definition, Momfluencers are women who have built up a large following on social media by sharing content related to motherhood and raising kids, and are using their platform to support new and expecting mothers by sharing inspirational content and their personal experience about the challenges and joys that come with motherhood.

The Momfluencer community is growing fast and strong because women are able to earn an income while staying at home with their children and have their own flexible working hours. They have the ability to connect with parents through their creative and informative content which is why they are able to build a loyal following that trusts them.

While there are a few exceptions, Momfluencers usually don’t have a huge number of followers (in millions) like macro-influencers, but they definitely have a higher engagement rate. This is particularly because momfluencers continuously engage with their followers by directly answering any queries and concerns other moms might have. Since the millennial mom is looking for modern parenting practices, momfluencers are the trusted friend and advisor for all suggestions and recommendations, which makes their followers a close-knit community.

Along with sharing personal stories and tips, most momfluencers also promote products they personally believe in and prefer not to endorse a product that they haven’t tried themselves. This is where brand collaborations become fruitful. A mom’s recommendation is more powerful because they have a deeper connection with their audience through the one thing that unites them – motherhood. This connection is what allows their product promotion to appear more authentic and creates positive word-of-mouth that spreads rapidly in the mom community. Old customers are retained and new customers are acquired, and so momfluencers are becoming increasingly popular for brands to choose for their campaigns.

Point to note is that these brands aren’t just selling baby products but also collaborate with momfluencers to help them sell their products that are relevant to home décor, food, fashion, lifestyle and more. This is because mothers typically have the main say when it comes to running the household. From groceries to electronics all the way upto automobiles and even a house; a mother will either be the buyer or her decision will have major importance.

In today’s marketing world, momfluencers are considered creative story-tellers who already have an active engaging audience. Brands can seamlessly place their products into everyday content of momfluencers and leverage their reach by tapping into their followers, connecting with them on a more personal level.

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