Ufone Super Buddy Service

Islamabad, October 03, 2013: Ufone, a leading telecom company and leader in novelty, has introduced Super Buddy service which enables the subscribers of Uth Pack to add Friends &Family (F&F) by pressing just one button. This special service is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the youth where apart from the user friendly process, the pricing model is also very unique.

This exclusive and first of its kind package is said to be an easier type ofF&Fwhich is quitewell-liked among the youth. Even after the popularity of F&F, many subscribers find it difficult to use the service to its maximum potential. The reason is identified to be the cumbersome process of its activation and use. Through Super Buddy service both caller and receiver will get free calls

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone stated, “Ufone strives to provide flexible and convenient solutions to its customers and ensures that the services are not only unique but of high quality. We introduced Uth Pack keeping in mind the needs and wants of today’s youngsters. Now we have introduced super buddy to further reaffirm our commitment to the future i.e. the youth. We care about their choices and want to deliver excellence to them.”

Ufone Super buddy concept provides aninnovativesolution where Party A and Party B both will become a Super Buddy of each other if any of them presses ‘#’ while dialing the number. The only condition is that both the parties have to be onUth Pack. Similarly, the second innovation added to this service is that the FB interface will just be like the F&F interface allowing the customers to modify their super buddy.

Unlike other youth brands, Uth Pack focuses primarily on affinity partners which is an offering far above all other competitors, the addition of the super buddy offer to the large discounts already being offered with a number of business partners is clear proof of the promise made to the youth of the country.

Uth Pack is the next step in the digital revolution andis designed to cater to the needs of today’s youth. When the youth wants to have fun, they pump up the volume, shift into top gear and party like there’s no tomorrow, but when they need to rise to the occasion, they get down to work and contribute meaningfully to society and can show the world the very meaning of responsibility.