Visa launches ‘Cash to Card’ campaign in Pakistan

Integrated Marketing Campaign to Raise Consumer Awareness and Drive Usage of Visa cards

Karachi, June 04, 2015 – Visa, a global payments technology company, has launched an educational campaign titled ‘Cash to Card’ in Pakistan. Running until 30 June, 2015, the campaign aims to displace cash by encouraging consumers to use Visa debit and credit cards at Point of Sale for everyday spend categories in the country. It also aims at making transactions more efficient in terms of safety and convenience.

‘Cash to Card’ highlights the benefits of using cards instead of cash for day-to-day transactions, such as convenience, reliability and security. According to a 2013 Visa-commissioned Moody’s Analytics study, the benefits of cards also extend to the national economy, as the usage of cards helps promote economic growth and efficiency.

Commenting on the campaign, Mr. Kamil Khan, Country Manager Visa Pakistan & Afghanistan, said: “Core to this campaign is Visa’s ability to reach consumers who may not realize they can enjoy the benefits of a Visa product, and experience a better alternative to a cash-and-carry lifestyle. The campaign builds upon Visa’s long-standing commitment to extending financial inclusion to more consumers, while at the same time driving opportunities for Visa, our partners and clients.”

The campaign brings to life how Visa cards can enable better money management and empower consumers looking for an alternative to a cash-and-carry lifestyle. The fundamental messages of the campaign focus on core product values, including:

  • Control – enabling consumers to manage their spending on their terms
  • Convenience – the ability to make purchases online, at retailers – even to pay bills
  • Security – safer than cash and registered cards are replaceable if lost or stolen
  • Access – easy, timely access to their money through direct deposit

Cards enable the user to make purchases without carrying cash, and can be used at most stores. Visa Cards enable the user to keep a track of the incurred expenses, give certain rewards and benefits and are safer to use because they provide proof of ownership.

Visa Cards are the safe way to take care of your spending. Lost cash is gone forever but lost cards can be locked with a simple telephone call – and replaced fast.