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Why PR?

As the environment we live in constantly evolves, new and creative methods are needed to reach out to and persuade your target audiences. These could include customers, consumers, suppliers, employees, government officials, opinion-formers or someone else still.


Here it is important to remember that today the audience is educated, very well-informed and even skeptical. People are daily bombarded by a huge flow of information and data from a vast number of sources. This effectively means that first, your message should reach the audience through the information overload, and second and equally importantly, it should stand the test of critical appraisal. In other words, it should be credible.


In comes the specialized discipline or practice of PR, which provides the critical third-party endorsement that make your key messages credible. PR opens up a two-way communication between you and your target audience, through a variety of tools, all of which aim to achieve Relationship Excellence.


In APR we define PR as:


A planned effort to use various channels of communication to establish and sustain good reputation and relationship excellence between an organization and its target audiences.

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