Asiatic Public Relations Network (Pvt.) Ltd. Karachi – Lahore – Islamabad

Why do you need PR? Isn’t advertising enough?

Interactivity: advertising is a one-way message – what you say about yourself. PR is two-way communication between you and your target audience – more credible, more responsive and leading on to a lasting relationship.

Credibility: Advertising, generally, provides controlled messages which come from the advertiser itself. However, public relations messages are delivered by an objective third source which is considered as someone else’s opinion and hence carry far greater credibility. The quality of the news and credentials of the medium also enhance credibility of public relations messages.

Third party endorsement: Advertising, as we said, is what you say about yourself (your product / company) and PR is what ‘others’ say about you. The concept of third party endorsement belongs to PR.

Time duration: PR is continuous. Advertising is as and when needed and gives you a sudden publicity burst. PR on the other hands steadily uses each and every opportunity to build your image, credibility, awareness and loyalty.

Assistance: PR and advertising are complementary. We believe the message should be given through PR first and then its recall is strengthened through advertising, as and when required.

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